Depth Interview

They generally use small samples and also conduct direct one to one personal interviews. A detailed background is provided by the respondents and elaborate data concerning the respondents opinions, values, motivation, expression, feeling etc are obtained. Even their non-verbal expressions are observed. They take long time, therefore lengthy observations are involved.

These are conducted to customize individual responses. The questions will depend on what kind of answers are given. Even interview climate influences the respondents. The success of interviews depends on the rapport of the interviewers established with the respondents.

Advantages of Depth Interview

  1. Lot of detail is provided.
  2. Information obtained is comparatively more accurate.
  3. Personal or intimate topic can also be discussed since the personal rapport is established between the respondent and the interviewer

Disadvantages of Depth Interview

  1. It is difficult to generalize since the interviewers are non-standardized
  2. Since the success depends on the interviewer, there are chances of bias.
  3. Data analysis takes a lot of time.

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