Benefits of Healthy Work Life Balance

By understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, anyone will get motivated to take the necessary steps for achieving this balance. Work-Life balance is advantageous for the employees and organization as well. A balance between the work and personal life, helps in improving the employee productivity, morale and health condition. In fact, work-life balance should be a priority for all of us. An imbalance in any of the front will make the life difficult and pose several hazards or challenges in terms of health, happiness and emotional stability.

The benefits of work-life balance are given below

  • Fulfillment: People who maintain a balance between work and personal life experience a sense of fulfillment and contentment in their life.
  • Health: A balanced work-life will help in reducing health related complications and the risk of various serious diseases of heart, hyper-tension, stress or life-style related ailments.
  • Improved Productivity: Greater work-life balance will improve the employee productivity and performance at work.
  • Strengthen Relationship: Work-life balance facilitates collaboration in professional and personal relationship. Conflicts are better tackled or addressed when there is a balance between both.

How Productivity can be increased?

Contrary to the widespread belief that overtime will result in the surge in productivity; but studies reveal that long working hours will lead to loss of efficiency or exhaustion and ultimately will reduce the overall productivity. Studies equally reveal that people who work by availing short breaks are comparatively more productive, than those who work for long hours tirelessly without any rest in between.

Productivity can be increased by following the below steps:

  • Taking breaks periodically during the work hours. Meditation, relaxation or breathing techniques and stretching helps in improving both mental and physical health.
  • Spending time on Entertainment during breaks: Studies reveal that, by spending some time on entertainment such as net surfing and leisure time activities during short breaks, the productivity level is expected to increase by 9%.
  • Taking off: Working exhaustively for long hours is not healthy or desirable as the consequences may be fatal. One should not miss the chance of planning and distributing their holidays for vacations, as studies also reveal that people who spend a quality time in vacationing are relatively more productive than the sloggers.

How to Improve Mental and Physical Health?

Several reaserch studies prove that mental stress due to work related pressures and challenges result in health hazards. The percentage of youth suffering from stress disorders like depression, mental breakdowns, heart ailments or hyper-tension has gone up alarmingly over last few years.

Mental and physical health can be improved by the following ways

  • By increasing awareness about the potential health risks or hazards which could be the outcomes of leading a reckless lifestyle.
  • On the other hand, a balanced lifestyle is expected to have a favourable impact on the body, mind and soul. Improves the overall health and balance of the body.

Benefits to the organization from Work-Life Balance culture

  • Saving of Employee time: By facilitating a supportive and a conducive work culture, organizations can achieve higher productivity from the employees and help the employees in planning and utilizing their time more efficiently by setting clear priorities.
  • Retention of Employees: Work life balance initiatives may not only increase the percentage ratio of employee retention but equally contributes to a saving in the extra cost which an organization might have to incur due to an employee exit or turnover.
  • Improve employee motivation & morale as well as their commitment towards the work. Studies reveal that motivated employees are more productive and provide best support in the organization’s professional journey.
  • Reduction in the Absenteeism rate: Studies show that work life balance programs if effectively implemented by an organization, can reduce the absenteeism rate by alomost 50%.
  • Helps in Gaining a Competitive edge or an advantage: Organization’s work life balance policies and prcatices in the form of flexi work options, shift work and a lot more will make the organization more competitive and addressing the changing demands of the customers as well as help an organization achieve its strategic mission or goals.
  • Strengthen the Reputation of the organization: Work life balance programmes if effectively planned and implemented, can strengthen the reputation and the image of an organization by being recognized by the people as one of the best places to work and help in attracting top talent.
  • Build a Loyal Workforce: An organization’s employee-friendly policies or programmes which support the overall well-being of the employees, will definitely help in building a loyal and committed workforce.
  • Reduction in the Conflicts: Offering flexi-work options, will help the employees in restructuring their schedule to fit in their personal commitments or otherwise work from home, which in turn will reduce the possibilities of any work-life matters related conflict.

Work-life balance is very crucial for every employee and an imbalance in any one front will result in a lot of challenges both for the employee as well as the organization. By providing the required support and help in the form of employee-centric policies and work life programmes, an organization will be able to reap the benefits of improved employee productivity, reduction in the turnover rate and achieve various cost savings.

Managers should encourage the employees to avail the benefits of company policies and motivate them to utilise their official leaves. Some organizations have successfully launched wellness programmes, which equally includes workshops on dealing with stress and work life issues. A lot more have introduced wellness sites or centres, in order to support and help the employees to

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