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Making of Market Leaders

The global brand leaders stand apart from the rest through the value differentiation that they deliver to their customers. Lets understand in detail about what all it takes to be a market leader.

Brand Leadership - Building Blocks

There are 2 main factors namely the organizational culture and the marketing strategy which play the most important role in converting an organization into a global brand leader.

Key to Brand Leadership and Growth

Selecting the right value proposition and re-engineering its business process to achieve excellence holds the key to brand leadership.

What is Value Proposition ?

Customers expectations have changed nowadays. Any Organization that wishes to build and grow their brand needs to create better value proposition for the customers.

Defining Value Proposition

Value proposition refers to the benefits that a customer is deriving from the product as compared to the cost that he is paying for the product.

Product Value Proposition and BPR

To become a brand leader, organizations need to continuously be in touch with the markets and external environment so as to readjust its product delivery and value proposition to meet the Customer expectations.

Service Excellence and Technology

The revolution in telecommunication, technology and internet has pushed organizations to invest in the latest technology to augment its product and service offering.

Why is Your Brand Losing Out ?

We live in a world that is changing rapidly. Many organizations that were brand leaders yesterday have found themselves losing their position. Lets find out the reasons for why does a brand lose out.

Value Proposition Lessons

Study of various markets players including fashion, retail, logistics, etc over the past few years gives us various clues to understand in detail about what makes a successful brand.

Product Leadership through Excellence

Many organizations like - Wal-Mart, Mac Donalds, GE, Dell, Apple, etc, have built and managed to retain and grow their brand leadership. Lets understand how organizations can achieve product leadership through operational excellence.

Leveraging Technology for Excellence

Lets understand with the help of an example that how organizations like GE use technology to build operational excellence.

The Making of Brand Leaders

Every management student and future business leader would be interested in knowing about how certain organizations build brand leadership. Lets discuss in detail about - Making of Brand Leaders.

Leadership through Product Innovation

Product leadership and growth of the Organization goes hand in hand. The article discusses in detail about how organizations create brand leadership through product innovation.

Building an Ideal Brand

Human behavior is very complex and varied. Understanding the psyche of the consumers helps the brand managers get an insight into the brand image as perceived by the prospective consumers. Lets discuss how understanding of human behavior can help in building an ideal brand.

Driving Business Leadership

Many successful organizations have chosen certain value propositions with reference to their product and/or service offering. Lets understand the role of customer service in building brand leadership.

Driving Value Proposition

The customers expect innovation in the product. Most of the organizations have changed their operational processes as well as their business model so as to match their product strategies.

Driving Supply Chain Efficiency

The organizations nowadays are focusing more on driving their operational excellence and efficiencies on integrated supply chains. Lets understand in detail about how organizations are driving supply chain efficiency for building brand leadership.

Leveraging IT for Leadership

Organizations that are leaders in their fields have explored the potential of information technology and have built their business models using technology as the driver.

Brand Leaders Strategies

Brand Leaders stand out from the rest. Lets understand how few of the organizations have strategized differently in order to become the Brand Leaders.

Strategies of Brand Leaders

Understanding how the leadership companies strategies gives us valuable lessons in marketing. Lets understand in detail about how some organizations have strategized differently in order to become the Brand Leaders.

Leaders Do Things Differently

It is rightly said that - Leaders dont do different things, they do things differently. Lets understand this with the help of a real life example.

Building Blocks for Product Leadership

Building product leadership calls for entrepreneurship and leadership capabilities along with a planned approach and strategy to stay focussed on the path.

Role of People in Operational Excellence

The management tries to recruit the best resources, invest in training and create a competitive culture as well as an attitude in the company that encourages people to strive for operational excellence.

Product Value Propositions

The article discusses in detail about what is product value proposition, its need and importance to the organization.

Product Leadership and Organizations

From an organizational perspective, companies like - Apple, Google, Microsoft etc, stand apart from the rest in their approach to product development which has enabled these organizations to become product leaders.

Managing Innovation & Leadership

Building and sustaining product leadership calls for excellence in management as well as in Research and Development.

Managing High Performance Teams

Managing large teams of highly creative individuals can be a quite challenging task. Lets understand in detail about how to manage high performance teams to gain product leadership.

Managing People and Creativity

Managing the individual aspirations as well as aligning individuals to teams and further facilitating several teams to deliver one project calls for superior human resource management practices.

Best Management Practices

Managing creativity and innovation is a part of the organizational culture and value system that the companies like - Apple, Google, Microsoft etc, have built up in order to help sustain its growth.

Customer Intimacy & Market Leadership

Customer Intimacy refers to the art of knowing the customers business better and being able to provide solutions that reduces the customers problems.

Customer Oriented Leadership

Organizations that have become world leader are always focused on learning and understanding all about their customers business and designing solutions that help their customers perform better.

Building Products/Services for Customers

In this fast paced, complex and highly competitive environment, achieving and retaining a leadership position is a huge challenge. Many organizations have achieved leadership through their strategy of partnering with their customers in their business.

Using Solution Based Approach

Sustaining success in business is a very big challenge for organizations. Lets understand in detail about how organizations earn profits by building revenue streams using solution based approach.

Leadership through Building Solutions

One of the strategies adopted by the leadership organizations in order to build their market share is by becoming customer centric.

Live for Your Customer

Whatever be the area of work, be it marketing, project management or production, it is very important to have a customer oriented attitude.

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