Building Youth Entrepreneurial Culture

Recognising the need to invest into creating and building Youth Entrepreneurship in the country, Governments and international agencies have embraced long term agendas to co-operate and collaborate in formulation of strategies and implementation plans for building training programs, building awareness amongst the youth and the families and empowering the youth with the required skills and knowledge to pursue entrepreneurship as an career option.

Building Youth Entrepreneurship through Education

Creating and building a Youth Entrepreneurial culture in the society calls for two pronged strategy. The first and foremost platform for building the awareness and initiating the Youth into the concept of Youth Entrepreneurship is by investing into Entrepreneurship Education. This involves creating and including Entrepreneurial and Management studies at all levels of education. The action plan in this section includes building the content and syllabus and making it available to the teaching communities, training the teachers and counsellors to become Entrepreneurial educators and providing them with the infrastructure and facilities required.

One of the most significant aspects of Enterprise education is to involve industry and business organisations into the Youth Entrepreneurship programs at College level so as to provide an opportunity for the Youth to get hands on experience and increase their awareness of the business and economic environment.

Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship Culture using Media & PR

Apart from introducing Enterprise education, the Youth Entrepreneurship strategy has got to address the issue of building Entrepreneurship awareness and culture amongst the youth. Creating an Entrepreneurial spirit amongst the youth can be done with the help of media and communication.

Holding awareness programs, Orientation camps, group discussions, specific campaigns, promoting Youth Entrepreneurship events at all possible platforms as well as instituting young achievers awards and competitions are some of the effective ways of building the Youth Entrepreneurship Culture.

Youth meets, Seminars, Conferences, Festivals, fairs as well as using print media in the form of brochures, banners, coverage in magazines and interviewing successful entrepreneurs and young starters in the media and many more such PR exercises are sure to build the awareness and enthusiasm amongst the youth as well as change the perception of Entrepreneurship in the family, society as well as at the individual level.

There are also available several business case based simulation games and competitions that invite Youth to participate in creating Business plans etc. These are of course relevant to nurturing the Youth entrepreneurs who are already interested and set on starting their own enterprise and are pursuing business management education to equip themselves.

Successful Entrepreneur Role Models - The Best Youth Entrepreneurship Ambassadors

Theory has it that a significant part of learning in an individual happens through role models. It is a fact that every youth or individual grows up having one or more role models who they try to emulate in all respects.

Quite a few values, thinking patterns, attitudes etc are imbibed by the individuals based on their role model’s personality and character. Therefore engaging successful youth and adult entrepreneurs as Youth Entrepreneurship ambassadors would be one of the best strategies to motivate and build Youth Entrepreneurship culture amongst the youth.

When a Young Entrepreneur receives a reward, his success story gets to be known to everyone. Seeing someone taking up entrepreneurship and going on to become a successful entrepreneur does make other aspirants more confident of trying his or her hand at starting on their own.

Success always prompts people to take risks and help the families and society accept the idea of encouraging the youth to take up entrepreneurial ventures.

Engaging the industry and the successful business entrepreneurs in addressing the youth, promoting Youth Entrepreneurship, interacting with Youth at schools, colleges as well as all other platforms can affectively and collectively build an environment that is conducive to growth and development through Youth Entrepreneurship.

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