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What is Business Process Outsourcing ?

The article discusses the concept of Business Process Outsourcing in depth and provide the readers with a clear understanding of the various dynamics involved in BPO.

Future of BPO in India

India has emerged as a hot destination for BPO work in recent years. There are many other Asian countries like Philippines that have emerged as a viable alternative to India. Lets discuss the future of BPO in India.

Challenges Faced by BPO Firms in India

The BPO Firms in India face lot of challenges as far as the conduct of business is concerned. For example challenges like - frequent power outages, poor traffic management, political instability, etc.

Effect of BPO on United States

In this article, we look at the advantages that accrue to the economies of the Western countries as they outsource their business operations and back office work.

BPO and the Global Economy

Business Process Outsourcing has resulted in increasing globalization of the world economy and has spawned a shift in the way the United States and Europe view the developing countries of the East.

Benefits of BPO

In this article, we look at how the business process ooutsourcing is transforming the economies of the countries that are the recipients of the outsourcing phenomenon.

Disadvantages of the BPO

There are many obvious and hidden disadvantages of business process outsourcing. The article discusses the disadvantages of bpo secotr in detail.

Effect of Global Financial Crisis on BPO

Like other sectors, the BPO sector has also been affected by the global economic crisis. The article discusses in detail about the effect of the global financial crisis on the bpo sector.

Effect of Domestic Politics on BPO

The article discusses about the domestic politics in the western countries like - US and its effect on the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) phenomenon.

Hue and Cry over Outsourcing and BPO

Lets look at the outcry over the business process outsourcing. The article discusses the issue from different perspectives to understand the dynamics involved in it.

Effect of BPO on the Workforce

In this article, we look at the effect that the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector has had on the personal and professional lifes of the workforce.

Drivers of the BPO Phenomenon

The article discusses in detail about the major drivers of business process outsourcing (BPO). These drivers are - globalization, economics and geopolitics.

BPO & Transformation of Process Work

This article looks at how the very nature of the process work has been transformed because of the emergence of the Business Process Ooutsourcing (BPO) sector.

Emerging Threats for Indian BPO Sector

The article looks at the emerging threats to the indian bpo sector in detail by considering hot emerging destinations like South East Asia and Latin America.

The New Trend: Insourcing IT Services

This article explains the concept of insourcing. It explains why an increasing number of companies are opening captive centers for their data processing and information technology needs instead of outsourcing it to third party vendors.

Infosys Visa Fraud Case

The article discusses about the recent case filed in the United States about alleged visa fraud at the Indian IT giant - Infosys. This has also raised several questions for the Indian IT and BPO sector.

Reverse Outsourcing

Nowadays there is a trend for Indian companies to create jobs in the West, like in countries like United States and Czech Republic. This concept is also known as Reverse Outsourcing.

Standard Chartered and HSBC Scandals

The article discusses the important lessons that the Indian BPO Sector should learn from the recent standard chartered and hsbc scandals.

How Not to Put All Eggs in One Basket - De-Risking Strategies for Outsourcers

Western firms often select multiple vendors and that too, spread over various regions as well as insist on backups and business continuity when outsourcing their projects. This process which is known as de-risking is simply another form of not placing all eggs in one basket, and this article explores the de-risking strategies commonly employed by outsourcers. The key themes in this article are that de-risking is a very valid and sane strategy since the projects and the operations cannot be disrupted or delayed beyond a point.

The Challenges of Managing BPOs in a Work from Home Paradigm and Some Solutions

This article lists the challenges that BPOs are facing due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and lists some solutions that Industry Experts say can help them. We propose Bio Bubbles like the kind that the Indian Cricket Team was in during their recent tour of Australia. We argue that conventional Business Continuity Plans are inadequate to meet the new challenges of the pandemic and hence, the continued success of BPOs and indeed, outsourcing models, depends on how they manage to overcome them.

Should Corporates Continue with Cost Centres or are They Unnecessary White Elephants

This article explains what Cost Centres are and why they were setup during the Tech Boom of the earlier decades. We then look at how firms are re-evaluating such Business Models in the wake of the Pandemic as Cost Centres become White Elephants. We argue that Cost Centres need to evolve and list some strategic and operational benefits of their continued existence in these tough times as well.

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