Business to Business (B2B) Internet Marketing Strategies

Business to Business Marketing refers to transaction of goods and services between two or more organizations.

Ways of Business to Business Internet Marketing Strategies

  • Educate Your Prospects

    It is really essential to make your client feel important. Remember you will have a tough time dealing with an uneducated and confused client. Always educate your client and share all the necessary information with him/her for maximum output and increased productivity. Never push your client to purchase your organization’s products and services.

    Share each and every detail with the client and let them take their own decision. Don’t rely only on verbal communication. Communicate through emails. Be careful about your subject line. A client would not bother to check your mail if your subject line is not effective.

  • Creating a New Framework

    Gone are the days when marketers used to push their brands among their customers by simple ways of promotion i.e. advertising, banners, pamphlets and so on. Make your clients aware how your organization’s products and services can benefit their operations and bring in revenue. Share online brochures, pamphlets with your client.

  • Communication

    Communication is one of the most essential ways through which an organization shares information about its products and services with the client. In today’s scenario mere communication does not help, communication needs to be effective. Marketing representatives must not attend any business meeting without his/her business card.

    Keep your business cards either in your wallet or laptop bag which you carry daily to work. Make sure your business card carries all the necessary information about you(contact number, email id) and your organization.

    Sharing your visiting card is the first level of communication between you and client. Do not forget to take your client’s business card as well. Don’t be after your client’s life. Send him gentle reminders through emails.

    Never write “Hi” or “Hello” in the subject line. Circulate your organization’s monthly newsletters, brochures or other regular updates through email.

    Call your client once in a while. Be very careful about the mail body as well. Do not adopt a casual approach while writing emails. Highlight information wherever required.

  • Don’t Speak the Same Language

    Always personalize your emails as per the designation and responsibilities shared by the individual representing your client. Address your client by his or name. Do not share information with a single person in loop and everyone else in cc.You just can’t send the same mail to the CEO as well as the CFO as their requirements would be different. Understand the requirement first before sending mails.

  • Online Training Portals

    Train your clients through web based trainings. Ask the clients to create their own login id and passwords. Share necessary information about your product and services in the portal itself for the client to login and go through necessary information.

    Arrange online trainings where the trainer addresses even the minutest query of the client. Web meeting is one of the most cost effective ways of communicating with the clients.

    Ask your customer support executives, technical staff also to be a part of the forum so that information is passed on to the client in its desired form. Ask your clients to login to your organization’s website and go through the information and other necessary details.

    Occassionally arrange face to face meetings as well. Someone who can speak really well can be asked to share a PowerPoint presentation with the client. Ask your client to take notes. Let your clients access some of your organization’s information for free. Monitor the content of your website. Make sure the information shared in website is correct and relevant.

  • Product Feedback

    It is essential to take regular feedback of your products and services. The clients can give their valuable feedback on your website only. The feedbacks and reviews must be regularly monitored. Assign a single resource for the same.

  • Good Relationship

    Share a good and healthy relationship with your client. Don’t forget to wish your client on important occasions through email. It works!!

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