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B2B Marketing - An Overview

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing refers to the transactions between businesses/organizations/firms. Lets understand the concept of B2B Marketing in detail.

B2B Marketing Vs Consumer Marketing

B2B Marketing refers to the transaction of goods and services between two or more organizations, on the other hand Consumer Marketing refers to the transaction between organizations and potential customers.

B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B Marketing refers to transaction of goods/services between two businesses. The article discusses some of the business to business marketing strategies.

B2B Internet Marketing Strategies

B2B Marketing refers to transaction between two or more organizations. The article discusses the different ways of business to business internet marketing strategies.

B2B Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix helps to determine the unique selling points (USPs) of a brand. Lets understand the concept of Business to Business (B2B) Marketing Mix in detail.

Business Marketing Models

There are mainly three models in business to business marketing - Traditional Local Small Business Model, Small Business with Good Site and Social Media Integration and Social Media and email Marketing Integrated.

How is B2B Marketing Done ?

B2B marketing refers to the sale and purchase of goods and services between two businesses. Let us understand the process of Business to Business Marketing in detail.

Business to Business (B2B) Exchanges

No business in todays world can afford to ignore the online business. The online selling that happens on the internet is largely of two types of businesses namely B2C and B2B.

B2B Exchanges Evolved Over Time

Internet is a virtual global market and there are several types of businesses that take place in this virtual market. Lets understand how the business to business exchanges evolved over a period of time.

Skills of a B2B Marketing Professional

Not everyone with a degree in management is fit for business to business marketing. Lets discuss the skills required in a Business to Business Marketing Professional.

Growth of B2B Exchanges

B2B exchanges were born out of the effort of large business organizations investing on building web based systems to manage their vendor base, streamline procurement and supplier management processes. Lets discuss in detail about the growth of B2B exchanges.

B2B Exchanges are Cost Effective

B2B exchanges are lot more progressive and provide improvisation as well as cost advantage as compared to physical markets.

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