Career Programs for Special Target Groups

Career development programs are designed to meet specific needs and requirements of a particular group of employees. They can be developed for a particular department of special target groups.

Depending upon the group for which the program is to be designed, the activities and workshops involved in it also change accordingly. Therefore, before designing and developing a career development program, it is very essential to analyze the requirements of the targeted group.

However, there can be some common programs that can be used for all groups within the organizations. There are several different groups in an organization including Fast-track Employees, entrenched employees, supervisors, executives, new employees, women, employees with disabilities and many more.

Career Programs for Fast-Track Employees

Fast-track employees are the star performers who have potential to do more that what they are supposed to. The organizations place such employees in fast fast-track groups for quick and upward moves. These are specially selected employees from various groups and departments who are given an opportunity for rapid and intensive development.

These employees require continuous technical as well as psychological training in order to expand their horizons and develop such skills that they can perform more challenging jobs of different kinds.

Fast-track employees are also able to manage quicker job changes particularly in the time of crisis. The organization can design high-ended career development programs for them to ensure their quick and intensive development.

Career Programs for Entrenched Employees

Since organizations undergo a lot of restructuring and cutback due to recession and streamlining of their activities and operations. Because of this, many employees are asked to leave the organization and explore some other career opportunity.

In order to eliminate negative consequences, organizations can start career programs for this special group in order to help them find a new job.

Organizations can offer generous severance pay packages to them to fund their career explorations. Along with this, they can also introduce schemes such as pension funds and accrued time off. They can also provide ongoing career development training and counselling and outplacement assistance to them.

Career Programs for Supervisors

When every group requires different career development programs, obviously the needs of supervisors will also be different from other employees. They can be provided with continuous training, counselling and coaching on how to lead teams and recognize special skills in an employee.

Since they act as mentors of their subordinates, they should be provided with an integrated counselling on performance appraisal system and how to use it in order to measure the performance of their subordinates.

Career Programs for Women

With increasing numbers of women entering the workplace, the organizations must develop special career programs for them. Organizations need to identify their problems and challenges that they face on regular basis and try to develop special programs while keeping all these points and considerations in mind.

Since women are good multi-taskers, the HR specialists should make special efforts to enhance their abilities and capabilities and motivate them to perform better regardless of the circumstances and difficulties in their personal lives. They have different problems and different requirements when it comes to career. This should be kept in mind while designing specialized programs for them.

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