Articles on Commodities Trading

Introduction to Commodities Investing

This article provides a basic introduction to commodities investing. It explains the features that define a commodity and also lists down some of the major commodity groups.

How to Invest In Commodities Markets

This article provides information regarding the several ways in which one can invest in commodities market. It also lists down the pros and cons of these ways.

Why to be Bullish on Commodities ?

This article explains the reasons why a bull run is expected to occur in the commodity markets in the near future. It also explains how this market is not prone to manipulation whereas others are.

Why Do Commodities Exchanges Exist ?

This article explains the functions performed by commodities exchanges. It also explains how spot markets have evolved into derivative contracts which are widely traded on these exchanges today.

How Commodity Prices Affect Other Sectors ?

In this article, the effect of commodities on other markets has been explained. The causation between commodities and many individual sectors has been explained in this article.

Is the Commodities Market in a Bubble ?

This article presents a bearish view of the commodities market. It explains why the market is already overpriced and how expecting further rise in the prices is only bound to cause losses.

Market Indicators For Commodities Investing

This article explains the indices that move the commodities markets. Some of the most important commodities market indicators are listed in this article and their effect has also been explained.

The Anatomy of Commodity Indices

This article explains the concept of commodities exchange. It also explains the anatomy of these exchanges and why the value reflected in one exchange may differ from the value reflected in another. Lastly, it also explains the concept of roll over yields.

Investing in Natural Gas: The Basics

This article explains the basics of investing in natural gas. It also explains the different fields wherein natural gas is used and why the demand for the same is expected to skyrocket in the future.

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

This article introduces the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. It also explains why this organization is a cartel and why some believe that such a cartel is indeed required.

Exchange Traded Funds - Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

This article explains the concept of Exchange Traded Funds. It also explains the different types of ETF’s. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of using ETF’s have been mentioned in this article.

Investing in Oil

This article provides a primer for anyone interested in trading crude oil. It lists down the major producers and consumers. It also lists down the various threats faced by the oil industry.

The Fuss about Peak Oil

This article explains the concept of “peak oil”. It explains why peak oil is closer to scaremongering than it is to reality. This article also explains why geopolitical crisis should be an investor’s main concern as of now.

Fracking: Establishing United States Dominance in the Oil Industry

This article explains the economic and geopolitical impact of the new oil extraction mechanism called “fracking”. It also explains how fracking has already established the domination of United States over the global oil market.

The Uglier Side of Fracking

This article explains the lesser-known hazards of using the fracking technique to drill oil. It explains why fracking is neither economically viable nor environmentally desirable.

Concept of Profit Booking and How It Affects Stock Markets

This article explains the concept of profit booking. It explains the situations in which profit booking commonly happens. It also explains the strategies that are used by investors to reinvest the proceeds of profit booking.

Concept of Why Timing the Market is a Bad Idea ?

This article explains the concept of timing the market. It explains why such a thing does not exist for retail investors. It also explains how mutual funds can get away with timing the market but retail investors cannot.

Time Correction: How Markets Tacitly Reconcile Bulls and Bears!

This article explains the concept of time correction. It also explains how prices do not have to fall to erode investor wealth and how stagnant prices over extended period of time are actually equivalent to a fall in price.

Indicators That Help in Predicting Stock Market Crashes

This article explains some of the major indicators of stock market bubbles. It also describes how savvy investors can pay attention to some of these indicators and avoid losing money in market crashes.

The Anatomy of a Market Trend

This article explains the concept of market trends. It also explains the working of these trends. Different stages in the life of a trend have been illustrated. Also, strategies to deal with the trend have been listed.

A Primer on Bills of Exchange

This article explains the concept of bills of exchange. It describes the lifecycle of an average bill and also lists down the advantages of using this financial instrument.

A Primer on Forfaiting

This article explains the concept of factoring. It also explains the advantages and disadvantages of using this method. It also provides a comparison between the concept of factoring as well as the concept of forefaiting.

Bears in the Bond Market

This article discusses the possibility of a sustained bear run in the bond market. It also provides arguments as to why the rumors of this bear market may be unfounded and exaggerated.

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