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Compensation Management

Compensation is the glue that binds the employee and the employer together. Compensation Management is the art and science of arriving at the right compensation.

Components of Compensation - Part I

Employers decide on what is the right compensation after taking into account the factors like - Job Description, Job Evaluation, etc. Lets understand the various components of compensation in detail.

Components of Compensation - Part II

Lets understand the components of compensation like Basic and Variable Pay (including the sub-components of variable pay) and discuss how these are fixed by the organizations.

Factors Affecting Compensation - Part I

In this article, we look at some of the factors that determine how much compensation is to be paid out to the employee by looking at the issue from the perspective of the employer.

Factors Affecting Compensation - Part II

There are several parts to the employees strategy to negotiate with the employer. In this article, we look at the factors that affect compensation from the perspective of the employee.

Negotiation in Compensation

Lets look at some of the strategies employed by professionals when they negotiate with their prospective employers regarding their compensation.

Compensation and the IT Sector

The IT sector ranks among the most preferred employers. This article looks at some of the ways in which the IT sector provides compensation for its employees.

Attrition and Compensation Management

The exit interviews have revealed that low compensation is a major factor behind the attrition. It has been found that many employees (particularly at the entry and middle management levels) leave companies because of low compensation.

Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation is the compensation paid to the top level employees - CEO, CFO etc. In some organizations the gap between the compensation of the CEOs and the lower most employee was in the ratio of 300:1.

Globalization and Compensation

Lets discuss how corporate world is headed worldwide in the context of the ongoing global economic crisis and how the corporates are addressing the need for better compensation packages for their employees.

Corporate Strategies to beat the Downturn

This article discusses the key strategies that corporates employ to beat the downturn. Corporates can sustain themselves either through increased revenues or increased profitability by cutting costs when revenues stagnate. The key theme in this article is in the same manner that an overweight person cuts fat, corporates have to stay fit by trimming costs to remain profitable.

Development of Compensation System

Compensation system involves the total rewards that are given to the employees for the labour and services they provide to the organization. The development of compensation philosophy includes the study of various aspects.

Format of a Payslip: All You Need to Know

A Payslip is what we all work for and this article explains the format of the Payslip, which is generic to many organizations. It needs to be mentioned that the various components described in this article can vary from organization to organization and the format described here is the one that is the most common.

The Challenges of Designing Effective Compensation Plans

There are many challenges in designing effective compensation plans. The employees would have to be satisfied that they have got a good deal and at the same time, the employers should not feel that they have given away more for less. Further, research has shown that in recent years, there is widespread discontent among employees with regards to compensation. After all, all of us work for money and hence, it is the right of employees to negotiate fair compensation. Apart from this, a pension less future and anxieties about the future are making professionals worldwide jittery. This article examines these themes from multiple perspectives.

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