Conflict Management at Workplace

A conflict arises when individuals have different opinions, thought processes, attitudes, interests, needs and find it difficult to adjust with each other. When individuals perceive things in dissimilar ways and cannot find the middle way, a conflict starts. No organization can survive if the employees are constantly engaged in fights and conflicts. The individuals have to give their hundred percent at workplaces to generate revenue and profits for the organization.

Conflicts must be avoided at workplaces for a healthy and a competitive environment. Employees must ensure that precautionary measures are taken in advance to prevent conflicts at the workplace. Employees are the assets of any organization and they must feel motivated and elated to perform well. Conflicts only lead to tensions and depressions and nothing productive comes out of it. No individual can work alone; he has to depend on his fellow workers for the maximum output. Every individual has to work in a team and can’t afford to fight with his team members.

    Misha and Tom were a part of the operations team with a reputed firm. Both of them had excellent academic records, were hardworking and were never short of ideas. Unfortunately Misha and Tom never liked each other’s ideas and never got along very well. Their team could never achieve anything great and always failed to live up to the expectations of their superiors.

    The conflict between Misha and Tom was the major reason why their team could never perform well. The success of any team is directly proportional to the relation among the team members.

As a result of conflicts, employees waste their maximum time and energy in fighting and find it very difficult to concentrate on work. The time which should be utilized in doing productive work goes in finding faults in others and fighting with each other. Always remember that your office is not paying you for fighting, instead it expects good and productive work from you. Conflict Management prevents the eruptions of fights and also allows the employees to be serious about their work.

Conflicts also lead to unnecessary tensions and disagreements among the individuals. Everyday in an organization is a new day and you have to give your best daily. In today’s fierce competitive scenario, an employee has to prove himself each day. You just can’t survive if your mind is always clouded with unnecessary tensions and stress. Stress diverts your mind and snatches your mental peace and harmony. You feel restless every where,everytime. If you feel irritated by your colleague or do not approve their ideas, think for a minute, would fighting provide any solution? What would you gain out of it?

It is always better to sit and discuss the issues with fellow workers face to face rather than shouting. Life becomes miserable if one is engaged in constant fights and one feels demotivated to go to office.

Conflict Management reduces tensions and employees feel motivated to give their level best to the organizations. No one gains form conflicts. One should avoid fighting over petty issues and criticizing fellow employees at workplaces. Be a little more adjusting. You might be an extraordinary employee, but conflicts will definitely earn you a bad name and you appear in the bad books of other employees.

Conflict Management helps in the strengthening of bond among the employees and everyone is ready to help each other. Relations improve and people feel motivated to work together and strive hard to give best possible results. No one likes to carry tensions back home and feel neglected at the workplace. Attend office to work not to fight and carry tensions and anxiety.

Transparency must be maintained at all levels for the smooth flow of information among the employees. One wrong information with any employee, all things get screwed up. Conflicts and disagreements act as a hindrance in the correct flow of information as employees tend to tamper important data, facts, figures and hide things from each other. The information never reaches in the correct and desired form as a result of conflict and eventually the organization is at loss.

Conflict Management plays a very important role at workplaces as it prevents unnecessary fights and makes offices a better place to work.

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