Conflict Management Skills

Conflict management plays a very important role in preventing conflicts among individuals. How does a conflict arise? When individuals strongly oppose each other’s opinions and ideas, the probability of a conflict arises. A conflict starts when individuals think on different lines and find it very difficult to accept each other’s ideas. Conflict must be avoided as it destroys the peace, lowers the productivity as well as demotivates the individuals. All the factors leading to a fight must be explored and efforts must be made to prevent a conflict. A conflict is not very easy to control; an individual needs certain skills for the same.

Let us study the skills in detail.

  1. Effective communication Skills

    Effective communication skills are of utmost importance to prevent conflicts. While interacting with others, you have to take special care of your speech and the way you speak. Never ever shout on anyone, even if you do not agree with him. Always speak in a polite but convincing manner. Greet others with a warm smile. It works. Be very specific and precise in your speech. Do not use complicated words and confuse others. Keep a control on your tongue and do not use words which might hurt the sentiments of others. Avoid using abusive languages.

  2. Listening Skills

    An individual must not give his expert comments unless and until he is very clear what the other person wants. Always be a good listener. Don’t just jump to conclusions and assume things on your own. Always listen to the other side of the story as well.

  3. Discussion

    Don’t just follow the rumor mills blindly, do discuss with others as well. Differences can crop up anytime but fighting would provide no solution. It is always better to sit and discuss the issues on an open forum. All the participants must give their inputs and efforts must be made to find out an alternative. Invite all the members involved and never ignore anyone as it would never solve the problem. Everyone has a right to express his views and a middle way has to be found.

  4. Patience

    One needs to be very patient to avoid conflicts. There would be people at your workplace and even home who would try to provoke you to fight. Never ever get influenced. Always follow your instincts and support what is right. Be very sensible and patient. Learn to keep a control on your emotions. Do not ever lose your temper as it would only make the situation worse.

  5. Impartial

    An individual has to be impartial to avoid conflicts. Do not always support your friend. Stand by what is correct and never support what is wrong. Any individual, even if he is your friend must be corrected if you feel he is wrong. Listen to everyone and never ignore anyone just because you don’t know him.

  6. Never Criticize

    Make the other person understand if he is wrong. Don’t criticize him as it would definitely hurt his sentiments. The other person might not be as intelligent as you are, but you have no right to make fun of him. Others will look up to you if you guide the other person well and make him realize his mistakes.

  7. Positive Attitude

    Positive attitude is essential to avoid fights and conflicts. In offices, never ever play the Blame game. No one is perfect and if you have done anything wrong, have the courage to accept it. Human Beings are bound to make mistakes but never try to put the blame on anyone else’s shoulders. Avoid backbiting as it only spoils the relationships. If you don’t agree with anyone’s views, discuss with him on his face, he will like it. Don’t always find faults in others and be a little more adjusting as life is all about adjustments.

  8. Ignore others

    Individuals must try to adopt the middle path approach which considers the interests of one and all. Don’t unnecessarily waste your energy for a person who is too adamant and is not willing to compromise at all. Ignore the person who is too demanding as it would solve half of your problems.

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