Crisis Management Plan

Crisis refers to a sequence of unwanted events leading to major disturbances and uncertainty at the workplace.

Crisis is an unexpected event which not only causes harm to the organization but also triggers a feeling of fear and insecurity amongst the individuals.

Organizations must be prepared well to face inevitable threats and come out of tough times without much difficulty. Individuals must immediately jump into action; the moment crisis is being detected at the workplace.

What is a Crisis Management Plan ?

Individuals need to adopt a step by step approach during critical situations. Planning is essential. Getting hyper does not solve any problem, instead makes the situation worse. It is a crime to take impulsive and hasty decisions during crisis. It is essential to think rationally and devise strategies which would work best during emergency situations. Complaining and cribbing lead you nowhere.

Crisis Management Plan refers to a detailed plan which describes the various actions which need to be taken during critical situations or crisis.

Any plan prepared by superiors, members of crisis management team and related employees to help organization overcome crisis in the best possible way is called crisis management plan.

Why Crisis Management Plan ?

  • Crisis management plan helps the employees to adopt a focused approach during emergency situations.
  • Crisis management Plan elaborates the actions to be taken by the management as well as the employees to save organization’s reputation and standing in the industry. It gives a detailed overview of the roles and responsibilities of employees during crisis.
  • Individuals representing the crisis management team formulate crisis management plan to reduce the after effects of crisis at the workplace.
  • Crisis Management Plan helps the managers and superiors to take quick and relevant actions as per the situation.
  • Crisis Management plan protects an organization from inevitable threats and also makes its future secure.
  • Such plans reduce instability and uncertainty amongst the employees and help them concentrate on their work.

Characteristics of Crisis Management Plan

  • Crisis Management Plan should be made in the presence of all executives. Every member of crisis management team should have a say in the plan. It is important for each one to give his/her valuable inputs and suggestions.
  • Crisis Management Plan should take into account all identified problem areas and suggest a possible solution for all of them to help the organization come out of crisis as soon as possible.
  • Make sure the plans are realistic and solve the purpose of saving organization’s reputation and name.

How to make a crisis management plan ?

  • Identify the problem areas and various factors which led to crisis at the workplace.
  • Discuss issues and areas of concern amongst yourselves on an open forum for everyone to share their opinion.
  • Make sure you have accurate information. Don’t depend on guess works and assumptions. Double check your information before submitting the final plan.
  • Crisis Management Plan should not only focus on ways to overcome crisis but also on making the processes foolproof to avoid emergency situations in future.

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