Emergence of Technology Assisted Self Learning and How it can be a Game Changer

Formal System of Education and Employment

Historically, learning has been associated with attending a school, college or a university to acquire formal degrees that can help the graduates in finding jobs and otherwise, enriching their skills.

While the parallel concept of learning by oneself or self-learning has been with us for the same time, the fact that such learning does not result in formal degrees or access to job opportunities meant that individuals who taught themselves how to read and write or acquired their knowledge through books and other forms of learning have often been at a disadvantage when compared to learners who acquired formal degrees.

Indeed, our whole education and jobs system is structured in such a way that formal learning through acquisition of degrees guarantees a future for such individuals whereas educating oneself through self-learning has meant that such individuals have to be content with non-mainstream jobs, and in rare cases, when the learners had exceptional abilities, they could indeed enter the mainstream though laterally and after some years of experience in being on their own.

Thus, this type of barriers to formal employment that is restricted to only those with recognized degrees has meant that self-learning was considered as outside the system.

How Technology Assisted Self Learning has Become a Game Changer

However, the emergence of technology-assisted self-learning has been a game changer for those who have formal degrees yet yearn to learn more and acquire knowledge out of their own interest or to specialize in advanced skills.

Having said that, self-learning is also important for those who do not have the time for formal and extended education after their initial schooling and collegiate education.

In other words, working professionals and those who want to learn new concepts and enrich their knowledge can do so with sites such as ManagementStudyGuide.com that is the present forum where you are reading this article.

What this means is that technology-assisted and enabled websites such as this can help you to enhance and supplement your formal degrees as well as help those students who want an easier method to learn new concepts and otherwise, specialize in specific niches. Thus, through the emergence of the internet and the rise of advanced digital enabled design and layout methods, sites such as this can someday, replace the formal system of education that is also undergoing a radical shift in the way it is organized.

Specific Ways in Which Technology Enabled Self Learning Works

In other words, even the institutes that offer formal degrees have realized the power of technology to enhance the existing methods of teaching and pedagogy. How technology helps both self-learners as well as those in the formal system is through connecting the learners to a wide array of resources and a broad range of topics and subjects through the medium of technology.

For instance, it only because of the emergence of the internet that you can access this website, and it is only through globalization that SMEs or Subject Matter Experts from around the world can deliver the content to readers worldwide.

Thus, the parallel emergence of technology and the Global Village have meant that self-learning has become a buzzword for many working professionals as well as students who want to supplement and complement their existing skills and enrich their knowledge of concepts as well as to brush their long learned basics.

In this respect alone, technology has been a game changer as far as self-learning is concerned and this can be seen in the huge popularity of sites such as this that have grown exponentially from the time they were launched.

Benefits of Self Learning

Turning to the specific benefits of self learning, it is indeed the case that self-learning offers the learners with the benefit of learning at their own pace and choosing the particular concepts and skills that they would like to acquire.

For instance, when you sign up for this site, the flexibility of learning at your own pace wherein you can choose to skip or return to the modules in your spare time means that you set the time of learning and the topics that you want to understand.

In other words, you need not have to be bound by the time specific formal education as well as the rigid curricula that institutions have and hence, you have the freedom to learn only what you want and that too when you want.

Also, if you have missed classes for some reason and yet, want to make up for them, self learning that is technology-assisted and enabled can indeed come to your rescue.

Apart from this, self-learning offers you the advantage of revisiting the concepts whenever you want thereby enhancing your knowledge that you might have acquired long ago, and you want to brush up on such concepts.

Optimal Learning Happens When it is Self Driven

Lastly, any learning has to be motivated by the desire within yourself to make a difference to your persona and hence, optimal learning happens when it is spurred from within and not forced by external factors.

This is the reason why even formal education systems emphasize the need to push one from within rather than being forced by external agents and this is where self-learning, when technology enabled, can become a game changer regarding how the entire paradigm of learning works.

To conclude, this website can be thought to be a pioneering example of how learning can happen in the future and one day; you might even acquire formal degrees from sites such as this.

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