How can Employee Engagement help increase Customer Satisfaction ?

Numerous management studies and researches support the proposal that there exists a relationship between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. It has been observed that the actively engaged employees are extremely loyal towards their organisation and are always ready to walk that extra mile to ensure success for their company.

The studies such as ‘Loyalty Effects’ show that when people have a sense of belongingness towards their workplace and feel great about being associated with it, they provide better customer service. They treat them as a company and therefore, strive to achieve excellence in whatever they do to serve customers better. Employee engagement correlates positively with customer satisfaction and increased productivity of the organisation as a whole.

As employees are considered the internal customers of an organisation, their satisfaction level plays an important role in keeping the company in good health. When they are satisfied, it is obvious that they will treat the external customers including buyers and end users in the best possible manner.

It is guaranteed that customers keep coming back when they are treated well. Not only this, it also helps in growing the loyalty level of customers towards the company.

Experts say that every company that is looking to sustain in this ever changing business world must try to enhance the engagement level of their employees and those who want to take their business to the level must make a dedicated effort and figure out the way of engaging almost every employee of the organisation. Employee commitment towards their job keeps them engaged and results in high levels of satisfaction.

The productivity of an organisation not only depends on the time the employees spend in the company but it also takes into account the effort they put in executing their jobs ensuring the optimal use of resources. This in turn helps them grow and acquire more skills.

Organisation must have a proper system of building the careers of its highly engaged employees to their spirits up and motivate them to perform their best always. Employee engagement depends upon how effectively and efficiently the systems and procedures of the organisation are followed. Just having well defined procedures is not enough; in fact, they need to be duly followed and upgraded from time to time.

When companies make efforts to enhance the employee engagement levels, they automatically work towards improving customer satisfaction. The studies have revealed that organisations working on this aspect have experienced a significant decrease in the rate of employee turnover.

Companies like Born experienced a downfall of 48 percent in employee turnover rate. Earlier it was 50 percent which has now reduced up to 2 percent. Monsanto found out in a survey that the strongest factors that can influence customer satisfaction dramatically include employee satisfaction and employee work-life balance.

Sun Microsystems has also found out that their actively engaged employees recommend the company as the best place to work. This has resulted in increased employee satisfaction, low employee turnover rate, increased customer loyalty and increased pool of potential employees.

The studies conducted by all these and other Fortune 500 companies have put a stamp on the idea that there is a positive link between the employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

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