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Employer Branding - Definition and Fundamentals

Employer branding is an organization’s reputation in job market as an employer. Employer branding is an integral part of overall business strategy to establish the brand image of an organization to attract a particular set of talent. This article discusses in detail what employer branding is; what are good places to work for and how companies can establish their employer brand.

The Importance of Employer Branding

Employer branding has been around for decades. Most companies, however, have just started feeling its importance. A strong employer brand puts a company at the forefront of the competition and gives it access to a wider pool of talent. It contributes significantly to how people perceive and think about it. This article gives you snapshots into employer branding initiatives of some of the greatest companies to work for. Also it discusses how and why employer branding is important to organizations.

Building an Employer Brand

The new breed of employees are more demanding and value freedom, simplicity, experience and feelings more than baby boomers and Gen X employees. Organizations need to strategically establish their employer brands, to attract millennials and deploy their excellent skills and ideas. This article discusses the shift in the hiring process; need to build an employer brand; and steps to develop an employer branding strategy.

Delivering Employment Experience in Totality

Employer branding is not only about creating a huge talent pool available for hire. Rather it’s also about delivering total employment experience across all touch points. This article discusses in details how important it is to create a comprehensive experience for potential and existing talent and how it can be done.

Employer Branding Best Practices

Employer branding is an ongoing endeavor like a typical branding process. It also involves a large number of dos and don’ts. This article lists out 15 best employer branding practices that experts recommend.

Measuring Return on Investment of Employer Branding

Return on investment is analyzed to understand the benefit or damage, profit or loss from an investment. Almost all business operations are analyzed to evaluate their financial efficiency. Employer branding is no exception to the rule. Measuring return on investment of employer branding helps you understand whether or not your investment is generating desired result.

Current State of Employer Branding

Organizations understand that having a strong employer brand is critical to the survival and growth in a business world which is driven by speed of action. But are they putting genuine efforts? Let’s find out the current state of employer branding across the globe and where employers stand.

Employer Branding in Emerging Markets

As the International Monetary Funds’ latest study estimates that the emerging markets like India, China, North Africa and South America will contribute up to 70% of the global GDP, investing in emerging markets makes sense for employers. As they would need resources to expand their business operations in these markets, it’s the right time to work towards creating a strong employer brand.

Employer Branding to Attract Gen ‘Z’

Coming is the age of Gen ‘Z’ employees who are non conformists, big time innovators, technologically-savvy and aggressive in their approach and more comfortable with instability. Including them in workforce may drastically change a company’s face on the world map. However, this generation is different from the previous ones and values different things. This article discusses 8 employer branding commandments that organizations can embrace to target and attract Gen Zers.

How Can Startups Work Towards Building Their Employer Brand ?

Investing in creating a strong employer brand is equally important for startups in today’s highly competitive job market. This article discusses the ways how a startup can go about creating a unique identity as an employer. However, it needs to be consistent in its efforts.

Employer Branding and Talent Attraction in Open Talent Economy

Open talent economy is a reality. In the coming years, there would be a freer flow of people, ideas and work. Employers, instead of confining to the closed walls of their office, must think about making strategic investment to attract talent from diverse backgrounds. It’s important to sustain and gain a competitive advantage in a borderless workplace.

How Does “The Brand Called You” Impact Your Employer Brand ?

Personal branding is said to have a direct impact on the overall corporate and employer brand of an organization. In fact, employer branding experts suggest c-suite executives and employees of a company to think themselves as assets and brands ambassadors. This article discusses how personal brand can impact employer brand of an organization. It also highlights the trends that shape personal and employer brands.

Using Social Media for Employer Brand Promotion and Talent Attraction

Social media is often seen a way to reach customers. Most organizations forget that their talent pool is nothing but a part of their customer base. And social channels are the places where they can build and strengthen their employer brand too. This article discusses why social media is an incredible recruitment tool and how organizations can deploy it to create stronger brand affinity and attract talent.

Employer Branding in Regard to Career Aspirations of Males and Females

The world of work has changed in last few decades and has experienced a huge influx of female professionals. However, male and female job seekers place value in different components of employment. Businesses, therefore, need to customize their employer brand strategy in regard to their specific career aspirations to attract the best talent at a smooth rate.

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