Employment Counselling

Many firms across the globe have realized the necessity of employment counselling. One of the reasons is to create a quality workforce along with desired skills and competencies in order to utilize them to maximum possible extent. In today’s highly turbulent and ever-changing environment, keeping a pace with the latest developments and surviving the cut throat competition have become the first priority. In such a scenario, having a talented and extraordinary workforce is the first and foremost requirement. Organizations can only rely on their human resources as a company’s success is attributed to the quality of manpower it has.

Today, many HR specialists and practitioners are busy developing innovative techniques and tools to attract the best chunk of people and utilizing their skills to the maximum possible extent.

Employment counselling is an attempt to determine individual’s interests, desires, aspirations and skills and competencies in various occupations and jobs. The information collected is very important in order to understand where to put a particular employee to get maximum output from him or her. It is one of the most popular services offered by organizations to their employees.

The organizations which are looking to retain their biggest assets and attract new talent from the industry care for their employees and try to provide them services and assistance to make their relationship more meaning and purposeful. An organization may gain competitive advantage from this tool as they target to make every employee better.

Employment counselling is a process that helps individuals in learning how to deal with their interpersonal, decisional and emotional problems. The specially appointed counselors help them to learn and encourage changing and moving in a direction where they can give their 100 percent. It is a well planned step-by-step process with an ultimate objective of achieving satisfaction and fulfillment from professional life. Other than this, the main objectives of the process also include bringing positive changes in the behaviors of employees making them independent problem solvers, bringing changes in their habits, helping them choose a more suitable career option, bringing a nice change in their outlook towards different things, helping them to handle interpersonal conflicts, assisting them in dealing with their emotional instability and facilitating them to communicate more amicably with their team members.

It is also known as a remedial approach as it is offered to provide employees with an expert’s assistance to deal with their issues related to their professional life. It is also called a preventive approach that helps employees realize their potential and career interests before it is too late to make a right career choice. On the other hand, when employees get such services in their organizations, they develop a sense of belongingness towards them and stick to them even in crisis.

Employment counselling is beneficial for both employees as well as employers as it has a positive impact on them and helps both the parties achieve their short-term and long-term goals. No one is perfect - neither the organizations nor the employees. This is an effort to fight with inadequacies of employees and well as employers.

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