Executive Management Programs and Part Time Management Programs

Look before you Leap

The trend of business schools offering executive management programs and part time MBAs has accelerated over the years.

In recent times, it is the case that many premier business schools around the world are offering executive management programs and part time management programs or evening MBAs for those in their careers who desire a management degree to add value to their resumes and profiles.

As the incidence of working professionals needing MBA certification for perceived career progression has grown, so is the supply of such programs from premier business schools around the world.

The operative term here is the perceived value, as often recruiters prefer graduates from full time management programs to evening or part time programs. However, executive management programs are an entirely different ballgame, as many recruiters prefer graduates from these programs because of the value adding combination of work experience and a management degree.

Of course, it is the case that graduates from executive management programs often find that they move up the ladder or the corporate hierarchy after the MBA degree but only in the industry or the sector where they were earlier employed. This is because of the fact that many recruiters want them for their experience and the insights from the management program to be applied to the sectors that were working in earlier.

Some Things to Consider

Considering these points, if you are planning to enroll in an executive management program or an evening program, our advice is that you must do your due diligence before embarking on the same. This can take the form of estimating the benefits from such a program versus the costs that are entailed from the program.

In other words, you must define your objectives and goals clearly and then enroll in the program. It is the case that many working professionals do not want to take a break from their careers and hence, prefer part time programs to executive programs. While we are not putting one over the other and letting you decide for ourselves, our suggestion is that (at the risk of being repetitive) to prepare a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of where you stand and what you want and then decide accordingly.

Research has shown that often part time programs are good only for the value that they bring from appearing in your resume.

Executive management programs on the other hand are much more value adding. However, evening programs can be good for those who do not want to switch careers or jobs and hence, a management degree on their resume would add value to their profile in their current jobs.

Perform a Cost Benefit Analysis and a SWOT

Given these aspects, one must evaluate and assess one’s priorities in life before thinking of enrolling for either an executive program or a part time MBA.

Further, the very real and critical aspect of checking out the worth of a particular program offered by the management institutes is very important.

For instance, many management institutes that offer part time programs are usually doing so because these programs fetch them more money without having to invest in substantial infrastructure.

Further, it is the case that part time MBA programs are conducted both online and offline meaning that one must check whether the part time MBA program is totally virtual or involves physical contact with the professors and other faculty.

Concluding Thoughts

To conclude the discussion, it is advisable for prospective entrants to these programs to talk to alumnus of the institutes who have enrolled in similar programs to get their doubts clarified and their concerns addressed. Moreover, it would be in the fitness of things if the prospective entrants state their objectives clearly before taking the leap and assess the benefits using a cost benefit analysis.

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