Articles on Gross Domestic Product

What Is Gross Domestic Product ?

This article provides basic information regarding what is a GDP number and the logic behind its creation.

The Importance of GDP

This article explains the importance of the GDP number in the current macro-economic framework.

The Ever Increasing GDP

This article explains the fallacy behind the idea that GDP must always rise. The article exposes how this concept is impossible and unsustainable and why it leads to dire consequences in the long term.

Common Sense vs. GDP Sense

This article lists down the basic reasons which make GDP a flawed metric to measure the quality and quantity of economic activity within a given country.

Problem #1: GDP Disregards Debt

This article explains how the GDP system completely ignores the national debt being raised by the governments. It also explains how increasing national debt creates a state of inequality and leads to economic crisis in any nation.

GDP and the Perpetual Debt Trap

This article explains how short term excessive borrowing creates a debt spiral for nations. It also explains how the most developed nations in the world are also in a debt spiral today.

Case Study: GDP, Debt & Europe (Part 1)

This article explains about the current system of European economy and how the crisis began.

Case Study: GDP, Debt & Europe (Part 2)

This article explains the consequences of the European crisis. It also explains how GDP has enabled this crisis and is making it difficult to overcome it.

Components of GDP

This article provides an introduction to the concept of the components of GDP. It explains the logic behind these components and how they help in analysis and predicting the future of an economy.

GDP and Depleting Natural Resources

This article lists down the alarming challenges that are being faced in the field of environmental sciences. It then also conducts an analysis to pinpoint how GDP system is responsible for this crisis.

GDP and Natural Disasters

This article exposes the fallacy that natural disasters are good for the economy. It also explains how the GDP system takes a lopsided view of the situation to arrive at this conclusion.

GDP and Terrorism

This article explains in detail as to why the fallacy that terrorism can be beneficial to the economy is indeed a fallacy.

GDP and the Dirty War Business

This article explains in detail why war is bad for the economy. It also explains how certain corporations gain in war at the expense of the general population.

China’s Modern Day Ghost Cities

This article showcases the rise of Chinese ghost cities. It also explains how the hunger of ever increasing GDP has lead to the creation of these ghost cities.

Bhutan’s Gross Happiness Index

This article explains the Gross Happiness Index. This is an alternate economic metric which is being adopted by countries all over the world as an alternate to the GDP system.

Green GDP

This article explains the concept of Green GDP. It explains what is and what isn’t included in the Green GDP and the challenges facing the Green GDP.

Instant Gratification and GDP

This article explains how the GDP system’s focus on instant gratification and perpetual growth creates a scenario wherein the economy stops being economical!

India vs. China: Is There Even a Comparison ?

This article provides a fresh look at India China debate. It explains how the Chinese economy is vastly superior at present. However, it also explains the reasons why Indian economy is likely to overtake them in the future.

Universal Basic Income: An Idea Whose Time Has Come ?

This article examines the idea or the concept known as Universal Basic Income or UBI that envisages providing a basic income to all citizens to protect them and shield them from poverty and joblessness. Though UBI as a concept has received traction in recent years worldwide and in recent months, in India as well, there are both critics and supporters who argue the pros and cons of such a policy. These are some of the key themes that are discussed in this article.

Economics and Family Size

This article explains the concept of family size and how it is related to economics. It describes the economic impacts of different types of families to demonstrate how some types of families are more likely than others to succeed in life.

How Economic Inequality Affects Societies

This article explains the idea that social equality is more closely linked to a higher quality of life than a higher GDP. It explains all the benefits that accrue to countries which have a lower rate of income inequality.

How Savings Affect the Economy?

This article explains the concept of a savings rate from the point of view of the individual as well as the state. It also explains why it is important that the United States government incentivize savings. The dire conditions of the American household savings and the measures that need to be taken to improve it have been discussed.

The Economics of Education

This article has a closer look at the economics of education. It also explains why the state is better off spending some amount of money on public education.

The Revised Indian GDP Numbers

This article explains the political row that has erupted in India about revised GDP numbers. It explains why the GDP numbers were revised. Concepts such as base year and GDP back series have been simplified in this article.

The Problem with GDP-B

This article explains the concept of GDP-B or GDP-benefits. It explains why a new GDP measure is required. The criticisms leveled against this measure have also been explained in this article.

GDP and Healthcare

This article explains how GDP system creates a fallacy that rising sickness and rising healthcare costs are good for the economy. It explains how economics is completely aligned with human welfare.

The Problems with the GDP System and Requirements from the New Metric

This article lists down the loopholes prevalent in the GDP system. It then uses these loopholes to come up with requirements from the new metric that should replace the GDP system.

What is Trickle down Economics and How it Works and Doesn’t Work in the Real World

This article explains what Trickle down Economics is as an Economic Theory and how it works and does not work in the real world. Using a mix of theory and real world examples, we discuss how it can be made to work and where it fails provided there are distortions. We also argue that the Pandemic has made many question this theory and suggest some alternatives to it.

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