Articles on Group Behavior

Introduction to Group Behavior in Organizations

This article introduces the concepts of group behavior and groupthink in organizations. The article discusses the various aspects of group behavior as well as how groupthink can be both good and bad for organizations. The key theme in this article is that group behavior is akin to a flock of sheep and therefore, the Shepherd plays an important role in steering the flock to the destination.

Power and Politics in Organizations

This article introduces the reader to the prevalence of power and politics in organization. The key theme in this article is that power and politics are as old as humanity itself and hence, one must judge the impact of such manifestations in an objective and unbiased manner rather than taking a negative view.

The Impact of Culture on Group Behavior

This article examines how culture of the employees influences group behavior in organizations. The focus of this article is on discussing real world examples so that readers understand how culture affects group behavior in organizational practice.

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