How Perception Management and Optics are the New Normal in Life and Business

Perception and Optics Management are the New Normal

We live in a media saturated 24/7 world where media management and perception management as well as optics are the only thing that matter. When Presidents and Prime Ministers of developed and developing nations as well as eminent business leaders and reputed celebrities engage in a never ending game of media attention grabbing, it becomes the norm rather than the exception in business and life.

While experts are divided on the efficacy and effectiveness of such practices and living from one TV show to the other, what is clear is that there is no choice for anyone in the world of business, politics, entertainment, and sports but to follow the lead of the influencers and do likewise. Indeed, while narrative and in depth and well thought strategies no longer pay off, there are limited options for the serious minded but to follow the crowd and hope that it leads to optimal outcomes.

Advantages of Social Media Management

Having said that, there are clear advantages of using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to stay in the limelight on a continuous basis.

For one, it ensures that the message being conveyed by the relevant personality reaches the intended audience without any interference.

Second, it also ensures that everyone and anyone and from everywhere and anywhere and anytime and every time are always connected leading to a real time continuing soap opera that is played out in the front of a global audience.

This has the obvious advantage of fostering innovation and inventiveness in the way the messaging is done as each of the celebrities and influencers try to outdo each other in being the most creative.

This can lead to better business and societal outcomes as the race for the eyeballs ensures competition to be the best no matter the odds. For the followers, it gives them a chance to engage directly with the business and political figures and thereby having direct channels of communication leading to more engaged relationships between leaders and followers.

Loss of Narrative and Shortening Attention Spans

On the other hand, this continuous nonstop social media chatter can lead to adverse outcomes as well as can be seen from the incessant trolling and addiction to online and virtual worlds that are taking a toll on our attention spans and making us less receptive to serious discussions.

Indeed, surveys and research have shown that the average Millennial now has the attention span of a young adult or teenager constantly flitting from one Tweet or Facebook update or Instagram post to the other.

This can result in loss of conceptual clarity that has effects on the way our education system as well as how business and politics are conducted.

Indeed, the fact that the liberal arts and humanities subjects are now least favored at a time when we need critical thinking and holistic approaches to solving pressing problems means that there are some downsides to living in the present all the time.

The Power of Optics Management

Of course, the power of optics management cannot be denied as can be seen in the way President Trump manages his followers and engages them in a nonstop barrage of Tweets on a real time basis.

While some experts wring their hands at this removal of serious conversation from the political discourse, others point to how his base is becoming more enamored with them each day. Indeed, even business figures have realized the power of perception and optics management as can be seen from the huge and humungous followers of influencers on LinkedIn who are always on the lookout for the next post from them.

What is more clear here is that this is what the marketing and advertising gurus have always claimed would lead to better business outcomes as the race to harvest the Attention of followers means that astute and adroit use of social media can indeed result in more sales and more exposure to the brands leading to profits for the businesses.

How You Too Become an Influencer

So, what can you as a follower of social media do to become the masters of optics and perception management? Further, what can you as a follower do to become an influencer whose opinions are highly sought after?

To start with, you need to first think about the positioning of your message including the intended audience as well as strategize on how best to reach them. once you have done this, you need to ensure that you get your facts right and do not peddle Fake News or resort to Alternative Facts or what is known as Post Truth.

In other words, while these sell in the world of politics and celebrities, business until now places a premium on well messaged content rather than bombastic or ill thought Tweets and Facebook posts. Indeed, you need to look no further and no farther than the prominent influencers on LinkedIn to get an idea of how they have mastered the art of messaging and optics and perception management.

Concluding Thoughts

Lastly, Crowdsourcing and crowd wisdom has become the new norm and hence, while there are some downsides to this as mentioned earlier, what is undeniable is that to stay in reckoning, we have few choices but to ensure that we get on the bandwagon.

This does not mean that you need to lose focus of your serious messaging and be flippant. Rather, what we suggest is that you study the strategies of prominent influencers and come up with your own personal branding strategy that would place you well ahead of the competition.

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