How to Engage Women Employees ?

There has been a flurry of conferences, studies and researching on why women employees are likely to leave their companies earlier as compared to men employees. Why is the number of unhappy female employees growing? Why great leaders are unsuccessful in retaining women employees even after spending a lot of money, time and effort?

Although women show more stability than men when it comes to their job but recent studies have shown that the number of unhappy and unsatisfied women is on a continuous increase. Unlike men, women prefer to explore multiples work areas and different jobs instead of going up vertically. They desire for widening their horizons and perspectives rather than going up on mere designations. Despite this strange characteristic of theirs, organisations these days are finding a lot of difficulties in retaining their women employees.

Most women when decide to move, the most common reason is their family. They mostly engage their families while making a decision to move whereas the matter with the men is absolutely different. According to various independent surveys, men associate their leaving of company with the imbalance and unrest in their families. They tend to think that their low or no income would upset their family dynamics.

The women when decide to quit, the chances of their resuming the work are extremely low. Economic instability or crisis may compel them to work again but under normal circumstances, it is almost negligible.

While the number of women employees is continuously on increase, organisations can not afford to keep employee retention on the back burner. They should actively involve them in finding what really disengages women employees and make them quit and even if it is their family behind their decision, organisations should come up with something that can motivate them to resume work.

“How to engage women employees and retain them” is the question that most organisations are facing today. The question points out the need of keeping the women employees engaged and fulfilling all their specific needs and requirements to keep them motivated to pursue their career and take it to the next level no matter what.

Companies that do not make effort in retaining their women employees have already lost some of their business or will certainly lose out in the coming years. The reason being, the women employees nowadays are also a part of top and middle management. Their one decision to quit the organisation can have a severe impact on the working as well as business of the organisation.

Providing them more meaningful tasks depending upon their comfort level, affirming their contribution, giving them an open, collaborative and innovative environment, engaging them in challenging tasks, keeping the doors open when they feel the need to work after delivering the baby or raising their kids and coming up with the options to help them take care of their family, especially kids can keep them motivated to work and perform their best.

Moreover, women prefer working in the environment where there are least hierarchies. Therefore, designing the work that engages everyone equally can help a great deal in engaging and retaining women employees.

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