How to Win at Workplace Politics

Irrational behavior of an individual against his colleague to tarnish his image and spoil his reputation at the workplace refers to politics.

Office Politics is something which is inevitable. In every organization you would definitely find someone or the other indulged in politics to make his position secure at the workplace.

Employees are involved in politics to:

    Gain attention and win appreciation from seniors.
    Be in the limelight without working hard.
    Save his job.
    Earn respect at the workplace.
    Achieve something beyond one’s control and power.

Frequently changing jobs due to politics is no solution. An individual must know how to deal with politics at the workplace.

Let us go through some tips to win at office politics:

  • The best way to win at office politics is to stay out of it. Don’t get involved in any of the controversies at the workplace. Avoid unnecessary disputes and conflicts.

  • Concentrate on your own work rather than interfering in other’s business. Remember you are paid for your hard work and not for playing dirty politics at the workplace.

  • Don’t always find faults in others. Try your level best to help your fellow workers whenever needed. Never give them wrong suggestions.

  • Be honest. Never break anyone’s trust. If any of your colleagues has confided in you, don’t ever walk up to the superiors and disclose the secrets.

  • Don’t unnecessarily react to each and every thing at the workplace. Your fellow worker might try to play a smart game against you but remember if you are honest to your job, no one ever can harm you. It is ultimately the hard work which benefits you in the long run. An individual playing politics might get instant recognition and fame but if he does not have the skills, he would soon be thrown out of the system.

  • Don’t rely much on verbal communication. Communicate through emails. It is always advisable to keep your boss in the loop in all kinds of communication. Let your superiors know what you are up to.

  • Never manipulate any data. The information must be passed on in its desired form. Don’t play with words.

  • Never ever open anybody else’s confidential documents or check his e mails in his absence. Such things are considered strictly unprofessional. It is essential to respect the privacy of others. One should never over hear anyone else’s conversation.

    Never take sides at the workplace. One should not blindly support any one. Promote open communication at the workplace. Let the two parties sit face to face and discuss issues on an open platform to sort out differences.

  • Always hold back your temper at the workplace. One should learn to keep a control on his tongue. Be nice to everyone. Avoid using derogatory sentences against any of your fellow workers.

  • Don’t spread rumours against anyone at the workplace. It is always better to discuss things face to face rather than backbiting. Avoid criticizing others. Try to look at the positive aspects of life.

  • Set a goal for yourself and stay focused. Don’t let others influence you and affect your performance.

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