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H R Development - Introduction

Human Resource Development is not limited to payroll or timekeeping and leave tracking. HRD includes various spheres of aiding, investing in and empowering human resources in organization.

Theory of Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development (HRD) function is one of the most critical support function in an organization. The article looks at the theoretical aspects of the HRD function.

Linking Training Programs with Goals

The organizations need to link their training programs to Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound goals to ensure that organizational goals are met.

Training Needs Assessment

Whenever new training programs are conducted, there needs to be an assessment of the training needs. Assessment of the training needs is one of the most important function of HRD.

Training Methods and Techniques

Training methods refers to the different types of training that can be imparted to employees. The articles discusses several types of tools and techniques used in these training menthods.

Implementation of Training Programs

The article discusses about the two aspects to training programs which are related with the clear plan for implementation as well as potential evaluation of their effectiveness.

Group Behavior in Organizations

Group Behavior is a very important concept in organizational context. Lets understand in detail about the importance of group behavior in organizations.

Importance of Motivation in HRD

Motivation is one of the most important concept in Human Resource Development. When employees are motivated sufficiently then only they can give their best. Lets understand the importance of motivation in HRD.

Role of HRD in Facilitating Learning

This article looks at the meaning of learning in an organizational context and how HRD function plays an important role in facilitating learning.

Personality - As a Key Concept in HRD

Personality and personality development are one of the key concepts in Human Resource Development. HRD function has a important role to play in matching individuals personality with job roles.

Finding Right Employee for Right Job

This article discusses in detail about the role of Human Resource Department (HRD) in determining the fit between the employee and his or her role.

Perception Management in HRD

Perception management plays a huge role in the organizations. Lets understand the importance of perception management in corporate world in detail.

HRD in Manufacturing & Services Sectors

The article discusses about the HRD function with regards to its relevance and operations in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Labor Management Relations

Labor-Management relations are the most complicated set of relations that any HR Manager has to deal with. It has become very essential for an organization to acquire an effective labor relations support and for the same purpose, the organization may opt for the services of an HR Consulting Firm.

Role of HR Consulting Firm in Employee Motivation

Many organizations opt for the services of HR Consulting Firms in order to drive their employees optimistically towards achieving the objectives of the organizations. Lets discuss in detail the role of hr consulting firm in employee motivation.

How Perception Management and Optics are the New Normal in Life and Business

In our 24/7 media driven world, there is no choice but to be more active and visible on Social Media to ensure that we remain in the reckoning. Further, perception and optics management has become the new normal in business and life and hence, you as an aspiring professional needs to understand the art and science of messaging and become an influencer in your right. Thus, this article examines these themes with suggestions on how you too can become a leading figure whom others look up to.

Should India reform its Labor Laws? The Debate over Rigid and Flexible Labor Laws

Advanced capitalist economies have laws that help firms to hire and fire workers according to economic conditions and where the labor laws are flexible in terms of benefits. However, they also have safety nets for workers out of work wherein they are provided with unemployment dole and other benefits that protect them during economic downturns. Thus, if India needs to grow faster, it must address both sides of the equation. With it being the most youthful country and with the Demographic Dividend, it has the opportunity as well as the perils of it turning into a Demographic Nightmare leading to social unrest.

Why Governments are Restricting and Regulating After Hours Work of Employees?

Our 24/7 always on world takes a toll on both employers and employees. Employees are expected to be responsive to After Working Hours demands from their bosses thereby leading to Stress and Burnout. This is the reason worried governments and industry stakeholders are passing legislation to restrict and regulate after working hours availability of employees. Having said that, some professions need such availability as part of the job mandate. However, healthy workers make for healthy workplaces that in turn, enhance organizational productivity. Thus, we need a New Bargain and a New Social Contract as was the case with the First Industrial Revolution.

Is Emotional Intelligence Still Relevant in These Hyper Partisan and Toxic Times?

This article argues that we need Emotional Intelligence more than ever if we are to recover from the Pandemic as well as reduce the toxicity of the workplaces. Using theories and real world examples of President Trump and Joe Biden, we make the case for EQ to remain a priority for organizations and professional alike. We also suggest that business leaders and educators as well as parents come together to ensure that the students are not deprived of developing such skills as they learn in the online realm.

In House learning and Development Unit

In a world where the shelf life of the knowledge is as perishable as a carton of eggs, it is imperative that the organizations put a lot of premium of reskilling and upskilling their employees as and when need arises. It adds to creating a value-based culture within the organization and reflects on its brand.

Perform or Perish

The sportsmen are well aware of the perform or perish culture. In corporate setup, performance has become an important criterion to differentiate between performing resources and redundant resources.

How Should Corporates Deal With Poor Performers? Some Strategies and Approaches

This article discusses the common approaches and strategies that corporates employ to deal with poor performers. We discuss the matrix of attributes that determine the approach that corporates take when dealing with poor performers. Much of the discussion here is based on our working experience, and so, real world scenarios are analyzed along with some general points of explanations on how different corporates deal with poor performing employees.

When Dismissal is the Best Course! How Corporates Decide to Fire Employees

When does dismissal become the best course of action? Are there any alternatives for corporates other than outright dismissal? What are the types of dismissal and what are the different conditions in which dismissals happen? This article examines these aspects and discusses how and why as well as when dismissals are the only option left for corporates.

The Best Ways to Deal with C Level Performers

This article explains who C level performers are, the 3 types of such performers, and the different approaches for each type. Our main focus is on the chances and the steps that can be taken to help the C level performers failing which they must be asked to leave. We use examples from our working experience to buttress the theory that underpins the approaches to deal with C level performers.

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