Articles on Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Human Resource Information System (HRIS): An Introduction

This article offers an introduction on the evolution of HRIS, discusses why the HR departments should have a robust HRIS application in place and its advantages in driving business excellence.

Database Concepts and its Application in HRIS

This article provides a basic understanding about the database concepts and its applications, explains the difference between RDBMS and DBMS concepts and their comparative advantages. Additionally, it provides a brief coverage on various kinds of data sharing, model of a relational database terminology and provides an understanding about the application of IT to the development of Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

Systems Considerations in the Design of HRIS

This article offers an understanding about the importance of systems consideration while designing an HRIS module for an organization. An HRIS module is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the end users or customers and its features can be customized accordingly. The article further discusses about the HRIS Architecture: Two Tier Architecture, Three Tier Architecture and N Tier Architecture. It concludes with a description on HRIS implementation and the technicalities involved in it.

Planning for System Implementation

The article provides a lucid description on the key stages involved in the implementation of HRIS system, starting from the planning stage till its implementation.

HR Metrics and Workforce Analysis

This article offers an explanation on the importance of HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics methods in implementing strategic decisions by analyzing information, facts and realistic data. It provides a brief on various techniques and tools used by the HR experts for gathering details on the HR Metrics. A discussion is provided on the usage of HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics methods and their applicability in day to day decision making process, the limitations of these techniques and the factors which are supposed to be taken care while using such techniques.

HRIS: An Evaluation of its Cost and Benefits

This article offers a detail insight on the Evaluation of Costs and Benefits of HRIS in an organization. It covers various techniques by way of which Cost Benefit Analysis can be done and its effect on organization’s success in implementing HR system in a planned an integrated manner. The article further gives a comparative assessment on the Direct and Indirect costs evaluation, the major pitfalls involved in such an evaluation and finally concludes with a coverage on Variance Analysis.

Job Analysis and Human Resource Planning

This articles provides a coverage on Job Analysis, the key steps involved in Job Analysis process, explains the concept of Human Resource Planning and the entire process of Human Resource Planning. It further describes how Job Analysis can serve with vital inputs for Talent Management and its strategic importance.

Talent Management and Corporate Strategy: Aligned for Driving Excellence

This article provides an overview on the importance of implementing an effective talent management strategy for developing high performance leaders and explains why it should be aligned with the overall corporate strategy. The article explains how well planned HRIS can help in establishing a robust system of talent management in an organization.

Training & Development and HRIS Applications

This article explains about the strategic implications of T&D practices in an organization. A description is provided on various models of Training & Development, a coverage is provided on Training metrics and Cost Benefit Analysis. It further explains how a well-defined HRIS framework can help in streamlining the functions of T&D and improve the effectiveness of Training in an organization.

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