Impact of Employee Behaviour on External Clients

Even the best of machinery, processes and technology would not help, unless and until employees know how to behave with external clients. Clients and customers need to be treated well if you expect them to stay loyal towards your brand. Why would you deal with an organization where employees do not know how to behave? Better client relationships lead to increased revenues and higher profits.

Individuals need to be trained as to how they should behave with clients as well as end-users. Do not forget that you are getting your salary just because your organization is getting paid by the client. You have no rights to be rude with your client. Be very clear as to what they expect from you? Have a clear understanding of your client’s requirements in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

Know your client well. Interact with the right person and try to understand their nature of business, needs and demands. You have to be patient with them. It is quite possible that they might not understand you on the first attempt but that does not mean you can be angry with them. Relax, have a cup of coffee and discuss once again with a fresh and calm mind. Never use abusive language at workplace. Believe me; you will lose your job.

No manager accepts bad behaviour against any client. If your client has confided something in you, please do not disclose it to your team members and fellow workers. Such a behaviour is unethical and not at all acceptable. Do not try to mis- use your client’s information or tamper any data. If your client complaints and decides to take legal action against you, you might find yourself behind the bars.

Never forget to greet your clients with a smile. Try to know them on a personal level as well. It helps. Enquire about their health, family and so on. Make sure you do not try to interfere too much in their personal lives. Never spread baseless rumours against anyone. You should only be concerned with your work and nothing else. How would it affect your work if your client goes out for movie or dinner after 6.30 pm with his girlfriend or friend etc? Believe me, it is none of your business. Do not try to be overfriendly with your client and share your team’s internal strategies or policies. Never speak ill of your clients.

Never ignore their phone calls or emails. Some individuals have a tendency not to pick their client’s calls once the deal is done. If you have missed their call, please give them a call back as soon as possible. Not answering emails would lead to no solution. Guide them whenever they need your assistance. Find out the root causes of their problems and resolve immediately. Do not take any major decision without intimating the clients. Keep them in the loop as well.

Avoid making fake promises and telling lies. Do not commit anything which you yourself know is not possible to deliver.

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