Articles on Intellectual Property Rights

This article introduces the reader to the IPR or the Intellectual Property Rights Regime. The key themes in this article are the debate over whether creations of the intellect are the sole preserve of the creators or whether they belong to the wider community. The examples of rampant piracy and its negative consequences along with the success of Wikipedia which proves that the future might be towards collaboration are discussed as part of the article.

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We all know what piracy is and how it has become an accepted norm in the digital world. This article examines some of the issues surrounding the problem of piracy worldwide and its ramifications. An interesting aspect about this article is that it discusses the stand taken by both the supporters as well as the industry which opposes piracy. The key theme in this article is that the future of the digital age is at stake in this debate and hence, all stakeholders must come together to resolve the issue.

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This article examines the pros and cons of the debate over whether Pharma companies must be allowed to have exclusive patents over their drugs. The key themes in this article are that the Pharma sector spends a lot of money in R&D and hence, they must recoup their investments. On the other hand, the poor and the needy cannot afford expensive drugs especially in the Third World and hence, the case against patenting is also strong. This article attempts to reconcile these positions with some possible solutions.

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