Interacting with Co-Workers

It is essential for an individual to behave in a socially acceptable way. Etiquette helps an individual to be different and stand apart from the crowd.

One needs to be serious and a little sensible at the workplace. An individual can’t behave the same way at office as he behaves at home. People who lack etiquette are never taken seriously by their fellow workers.

An individual all alone finds it difficult to survive at the workplace. One needs to be a good team player to make his mark at the workplace. He needs to interact with his fellow workers and share ideas to reach to better solutions. Employees must work in unison for faster and effective results. It is essential to maintain healthy relationships with fellow workers as an individual spends his maximum time at the workplace.

Respect your fellow workers. Misbehaving with colleagues spoils the ambience and leads to negativity all around. Treat all co workers as one irrespective of their race, caste, nationality, designation etc.

Spreading baseless rumours about fellow workers is something which is not at all expected out of a professional. Spotting any of your colleagues with his girlfriend has nothing to do with office and thus must not be discussed at the workplace. Avoid playing blame games in organization. An individual should have enough guts to accept his/her mistakes. If you do not like someone, it is better to ignore the other person rather than fighting with him. Remember conflicts lead to no solution.

Be cordial to all. Greet everyone with a smile. It is bad manners to make faces at others. Learn to be a little more adjusting. Things don’t always go your way. Do not take things to heart.

Help your colleagues in whatever way you can. Never give them any wrong suggestions. You will like your job more if you have a friend at the workplace.

Be polite to your fellow workers. If someone shouts on you, never shout back on him. Don’t do what others do. You will not become small if you say “sorry”.

Too much of friendship at the workplace is bad. Being emotional at work is harmful. The other person might take undue advantage of your generous attitude.

Never overreact. It pays to be calm and composed at the workplace.

Avoid taking sides at the workplace. Don’t ask for personal favours from any of your fellow workers. Never ask anyone to do grocery shopping on your behalf or pick your son from school. It is unprofessional.

Avoid being rude to anyone. You never know when you might need any of your fellow workers. Never lash out at others under pressure.

Never interfere in your colleague’s work. It is bad manners to open anyone else’s envelopes or check fellow worker’s emails. Respect your colleague’s privacy. Do not peep into anyone else’s cubicles. Knock before entering your boss’s cabin.

Never make fun of any one at the workplace.

It is bad manners to overhear anyone else’s conversation.

Avoid criticizing others. One needs to be flexible at the workplace. Being rigid spoils relationships.

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