How to make a Great Presentation?

Here are few tips to ensure a great presentation...

  1. State the Objectives: A presenter must ensure that he/she understands the purpose of the presentation.

    Sometimes a good presentation fails to make an impact because the audience is not clear what the presentation is about.

    A good way to start a presentation is to clearly state/mention/include the objectives in the presentation.

  2. Analyze your audience: The presenter must find more about his/her target audience. Whether the audience has a specific educational background or whether they are from upper middle class or middle class.

    Basis the topic/theme of the presentation, it is very important to know some specific details of the target audience. This also helps to create a rapport with the audience during the presentation.

  3. Avoid heavy text on PowerPoint slides: Usually presentations are associated with PowerPoint slides, however, it is always advisable to use a blend of various forms of learning. It could be a fun activity, a short quiz, or small story. More often than not, these are the learning methods that generate interest of the target audience.

    If you still wish to use slides, write 10 or less words in each slide.

    Use bullet points wherever possible. More words on one slide carry a risk with them - the audience will get busy in reading what is written than what the presenter is saying or the audience might just get bored by seeing a lot of words.

  4. Rehearse... Rehearse... and Rehearse: The feeling is quite different while a presenter is presenting LIVE than when he/she is just practicing in a closed room.

    It is a good idea for the presenter to practice at the venue [if possible]. This helps him get familiar with the place and the surrounding.

    Also, a presenter should make as many notes as possible and also think of possible questions that might come up during the course of presentation.

  5. Revisit the objectives: Once the notes have been made, a presenter must critically analyze the presentation with respect to the objectives of the presentation. He should ask himself questions like - “Does this presentation match the objectives stated?”, “Is this presentation flowing logically?”

    In today’s market scenario, if a person is able to think, write, and present persuasively, he has won half the battle.

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