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Introduction to Management Consulting

It is a management professionals dream come true when they are hired by the management consulting firms. This article provides a bird’s eye-view of what management consulting is and how it differs from investment banking. The key themes in this article are that knowledge is power for the management consultants and therefore, we suggest some strategies that would help management students and professionals to get hired by the consultancies apart from the long hours and the painstaking work that is needed to succeed in this field.

Actualizing Dreams of a Consulting Career

This article introduces the topic of consulting for management. The key theme in this article is that to fulfill the dreams of getting into a consulting firm, graduates and professionals must first understand what the profession is all about and some essential characteristics of the industry.

Consultant-Client Relations

This article introduces the conflict between adhering to the professional code of conduct and following ethical norms by the consultants on one hand and the need for personal enrichment as well as power on the other hand. The key theme in this article is that consultants have to follow their conscience instead of going along with the client and aiding them in unethical behavior.

How Consultants can Handle Conflict of Interest in a Professional Manner

This article examines how working professionals and consultants can handle conflict of interest. The article defines the term and then goes on to discuss the various dimensions involved in conflict of interest. The key theme in this article is that the “Softest Pillow is a Clear Conscience”.

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