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Introduction to Media

The article discusses in detail the evolution of media. It talks about the various forms of media emerging with time.

Media in the 21st Century

Global Village implies contraction of the whole globe into small unit (like a village) by electronic media. Lets discuss this concept of Global Village in detail.

The Media and Ethics

Media is an important pillar of democracy and ethics play a very important role in media. This article looks at the practice of ethics by the media.

Code of Conduct in Journalism

This article discusses some aspects of a code of conduct for journalists. The key theme in the article is that voluntary measures are better than external vigilance and if that is not possible, then there must be punishment of the unethical behavior.

Media and Social Movements

Lets look at how media can be a force for good in oppressive regimes and can help the citizenry overthrow unpopular and repressive rulers. The article discusses in detail about the contribution of media towards social movements.

Changing Media & its Impact on Society

Lets discuss how the function of media as a watchdog and a purveyor of public good have now evolved to a point where the media sets the agenda for the country to follow.

The Corporatization of the Media

During the begining of the 20th century, the corporates and the media houses were totally different. However, after 1970s the media houses started to resemble corporate entities.

Media as an Instrument of Control

All over the world, the media is used to control and for propaganda purposes. However, it can also be an agent of change as was evident during the “Arab Spring” and during the social movements in many parts of the world. This article discusses both sides of the spectrum i.e. the media as an instrument of control and the media as an agent of change.

Introduction to Corporate Communication

The 24/7 media landscape requires companies to reach out to the media in a positive manner and ensure that the companys viewpoint is articulated correctly and reliably. Corporate communications teams play a vital role in ensuring positive media coverage and proactive media management.

Role of Event Management

Many multinationals and global companies have professional event managers as part of their corporate communications teams. This article examines some aspects of the role of event management in corporate communications and cites some real world examples to discuss the various aspects of this topic.

Corporate Philanthropy & Direct Marketing

This article discusses how the corporate communications team has the responsibility of both corporate philanthropy and direct marketing though the two functions are different. The commonality of reaching out to the external world is also examined along with real world examples of how organizations are handling these activities.

Relevance of Mass Media to Society

The changing nature of society means that mass media have especial relevance to society. They are one of the pillars of democracy and are custodians of public faith and watchdogs of public behavior. Hence, they must exercise their powers judiciously instead of pushing agendas or falling prey to the temptation of quick profits and power.

Corporate Crisis Management

Crises happen to the best of corporates and hence, effective corporate crisis management is needed to handle the aftermath of crises. In this 24/7 news world, perceptions are everything and hence, for effective corporate crisis management, perceptions have to be managed properly. The lack of effective corporate crisis management results in chaos and bad reputation for the corporate.

Long Term Transformation of Print Media

Despite some setbacks, the future of print media is rosy and especially so when it develops complementarities with digital media. This transformation from print to digital and print needs strategies to actualize it that need longer term commitment and shorter-term viability. This article discusses some of these aspects.

Organizing Press Conferences

Press conferences serve the purpose of facilitating the interaction between individuals, institutions and stakeholders and society. The press being the mechanism through which these stakeholders reach out to people, press conferences are needed to bring together the transmitters and the transmission mechanism.

Newsletters and Press Releases

Successful media management depends on a variety of factors and this article discusses the role of press releases and newsletters in the same. Further, there are some suggestions and tips on how to write for the press.

External Engagement by Companies

Recent research has shown that companies must extend their external engagement beyond CSR and beyond traditional corporate communications. This must be through a holistic strategy that incorporates systemic perspectives in the way companies reach out to the stakeholders and society. Further, because of the heightened expectations from citizens and governments, it might be necessary for the companies to state the obvious in terms of the value that they create for society.

Journalism and Paid Public Relations

In recent years, the line between news and advertisements has become blurred. We have the concept of the advertorial, which is a combination of advertisements and editorials. This is a worrisome trend and given the fact that the media in the West failed to warn the public about the impending financial crisis in 2008 means that it has abdicated its duty as the watchdog of democracy. This article discusses some of these themes.

Why the Newspaper Industry is Booming in India ?

While the newspaper industry is failing around the world, it is thriving in India. The article covers the reasons for the contrasting situations of the business models of the media houses in the west and in India.

How Different Generations Navigate the New World of Digital Media 24/7 News Cycles

The Internet Revolutionized the Media Space, and the Smartphone Revolution went further by disrupting the entire landscape of business, politics, and society. While younger generations have either been born into them or come of age during these disruptions, older generations are adapting to them. This article examines how these different responses shape business, politics, and society and how being Media Savvy is indeed an asset for anyone wishing to navigate the new media landscape.

Breaking News: A Case Study of the Indian Media Industry

Given the increasing importance of the Indian News Media in terms of news reporting and agenda setting, it is relevant and pertinent to undertake a strategic analysis by considering the various tools such as PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces. Indeed, the external landscape plays a very important role in shaping the Indian News Media and hence, this case study uses the tools mentioned above to analyze and discuss the sector. Further, this case study also considers the historical evolution of the industry along with some notable as well as worrying developments in recent years.

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