Meeting Etiquette - Codes of Conduct while attending Meetings

Etiquette refers to good manners required by an individual to find a place in the society. It is important for an individual to behave appropriately in public to earn respect and appreciation.

One must learn to maintain the decorum of the work place. It is important to respect one’s organization to expect the same in return. No one would ever take you seriously if do not behave well at the workplace.

Meetings are an important part of corporates where employees sit together on a common platform, exchange their views and opinions and reach to a solution benefitting the organization and mutually acceptable to all.

Meeting Etiquette refers to codes of behavior an individual ought to follow while attending meetings and discussions at the workplace.

Let us go through some meeting etiquette in detail:

  • Try to find out what the meeting is all about. Understand the importance of the meeting. Never go blank. Employees should do all the ground work before attending meetings to ensure maximum participation from their end. Prepare notes in advance.

  • Never attend meetings without a notepad and pen. It is practically not possible for an individual to remember each and every thing discussed at the time of meeting. A notepad helps in jotting down the important points for future reference.

  • Always keep your cell phone on the silent or vibrator mode. Cell phones ringing in the middle of meetings and seminars are considered rude and unprofessional. This might insult others sitting in the same room as well as break the pace of the meeting.

  • Do not attend phone calls during meetings unless it is an emergency. It is bad manners to do the same.

  • Superiors must create an agenda before every meeting. The agenda must be circulated among all employees for them to prepare in advance. Meetings should not be conducted just for the sake of it. It is important to have well defined plans. Make a list of issues to be discussed at the time of meeting. Make sure you do not deviate from the key points. Keep the meetings short.

  • Never be late for meetings. Going late for a meeting is something which is not expected out of a professional.

  • Chewing gum during meetings is childish and must be avoided.

  • Be a good listener. Listen to what others have to say. Wait for your turn to speak.

  • Sit wherever you find a place. Do not run here and there.

  • Do not enter the meeting room once the meeting has already begun It disturbs others.

  • Avoid taking your cups of coffee or tea to meeting rooms unless and until advised by superiors.

  • Fiddling with pen or notepad is one of the major distractions in meetings. One must concentrate and stay alert. Be an attentive listener. Do not yawn even if you find the meeting boring.

  • The one chairing the meeting must speak loud and clear. It is essential to take care of the pitch and tone.

  • Meetings ought to be interactive and allow employees to come up with their suggestions and valuable feedback. A question answer round must be kept at the end for employees to clear their doubts.

  • Once the meeting is over, minutes of the meeting must be prepared and circulated across all departments for them to take necessary action

  • Use Whiteboards, projectors, graphs, pointers, slides for better clarity.

  • Do not convert the meeting room into a battle ground. Speak politely and do respect your colleagues.

  • Never attend meetings in casuals. Follow a professional dress code.

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