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Multi Level Marketing - Introduction

Multi Level Marketing came into existence during early 1980s and has spread all across the globe. Multi Level Marketing or MLM is an activity that anyone can take up at any time and generate income.

What is Multi Level Marketing ?

Multi Level Marketing also known as Pyramid Selling, Network Selling and Structure Marketing is very popular across the globe. The article discusses the concept of multi level marketing in detail.

History of Multi Level Marketing

There is no documented history of origin of Multi Level marketing. It is believed that the concept came from - Nurtralite, or formerly known as California Vitamin Company. Lets discuss in detail about the history of Mulit Level Marketing.

MLM - For Anyone and Everyone

The article looks at the reasons for why multi level marketing is considered as an opportunity for anyone and everyone.

How Multi Level Marketing Works ?

Let us understand the concept of how Multi Level Marketing or MLM works very briefly from a macro point of view.

Variations of MLM Schemes

The success of Multi Level Marketing for selling the products through the distributor chain has paved way for creation of several variations of MLM networks. Lets discuss these MLM schemes in detail.

Is Multi Level Marketing for You ?

Many of us try to think of alternative methods besides our jobs and profession to earn some extra income. Lets discuss the various aspects of MLM to check whether it suits you in all respects.

Check Out Facts Before Joining MLM

Before you decide to join any Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Network, it is very important that you gather detailed information about the company and its business to help you make the crucial decision.

Starting Your Own MLM Business

With detailed planning and preparation, you will find it smoother to get started with the Multi Level Marketing business. Lets discuss the various points that you should keep in mind before starting your own MLM business.

Multi Level Marketing Process

With consistent efforts, people have earned a lot by doing business through MLM networks across the world. Lets understand the process of Multi Level Marketing in detail.

Pre Sales Process in MLM

In Multi Level Marketing, the sales process does not start directly by talking to anyone about the MLM concept. Before you start selling the prodcuts/services there is a proper method that you need to follow to first identify the right kind of people.

Prospecting and Selling in MLM

After you sign up with the MLM Network, you will be provided with a proper training on how to plan, prospect and sell the products/services. Lets understand the prospecting and selling in multi level marketing process.

Sales Follow Up Process in MLM

As a part of your sales training, you will be trained on how to handle the after sales process in multi level marketing. Lets discuss the sales follow up process in detail.

Myths Surrounding Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing also known as Network Marketing is a unique selling concept. The article discusses about myths which are related to multi level marketing (MLM).

MLM vs. Pyramid Selling

Many of us confuse Multi Level Marketing with pyramid selling. It is important to have a proper understanding of the difference between MLM and Pyramid selling including the legality and ethical aspects of both the systems.

Finding and Keeping Customers

In Multi Level Marketing (MLM) one needs to undergo extensive training on the entire sales process to become an expert in selling and communication. Lets discuss in detail about how to find and retain your customers.

What to Know Before Starting MLM

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is legitimate business and is growing rapidly across the globe. Before you sign up as a distributor under any multi level marketing scheme, you need to know everything about the MLM concept, how the trade works, etc.

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