Office Lunch Etiquette

Etiquette refers to behaving in a socially responsible way. Etiquette teaches individuals to be civilized and create an everlasting impression on others.

Etiquette is a code of behavior expected out of a professional to help him stand apart from the crowd.

It is essential to behave in an appropriate way at the workplace to gain respect and appreciation from others. Be a little more responsible and sensible. Do not behave as if you are at home.

Office Lunch Etiquette

There are certain rules one must follow while taking lunch at the workplace.

Office Lunch Etiquette refers to the skill sets required during lunch time at the workplace.

Let us go through some office lunch etiquette:

  • Take lunch only during the assigned hours. Be on time for lunch. Do not keep others waiting.
  • Individuals should avoid having their lunch at their workstations. Not only it makes your desk dirty but also makes you lethargic and dull. Human being is not a machine who can work at a stretch. One needs time to relax and unwind. Sitting at the workstation continuously for six to seven hours becomes monotonous. Prefer having lunch at the cafeteria with your fellow team members. Invite your boss as well. Having lunch together strengthens the bond among the employees.
  • Never discuss work at the lunch table.
  • It is absolutely okay if someone whom you do not like much joins you for lunch. Do not make faces at him. Try your level best to make him feel comfortable.
  • Do not start eating unless everyone else on the table has received food.
  • Choose the right table for lunch. Sit where you feel comfortable.
  • Always keep a sanitizer handy. Wash your hands before eating to avoid transmission of germs.
  • Place a napkin on your lap while having lunch.
  • Avoid bringing smelly food to work. Employees should not bring fish, chicken or eggs to work. Vegetables any day are a better option for lunch at workplace.
  • Make sure your lunch is properly packed. Bring your lunch in airtight containers and aluminum foil.
  • Never eat with hands in public. It is important to eat without making a mess at the workplace. Use forks and spoons.
  • It is good manners to share your food amongst your fellow workers.
  • Employees should not carry rotten fruits to work.
  • Do not make noise while eating. It irritates the individual sitting next to you. Make sure you chew properly.
  • Talking or laughing with one’s mouth full is considered unprofessional.
  • Eat slowly to avoid burping in public.
  • Do not pick anyone else’s food with your hand. The other person might not like it. Use a spoon.
  • Don’t stare at someone else’s plate.
  • Finish your food properly. Do not leave anything on your plate.
  • Once you are done, keep the utensils at the proper place.
  • Do not get up from the table until everyone has finished eating.
  • Never put fingers in your mouth while eating around other people.
  • Avoid attending phone calls during lunch hours unless it is an emergency.
  • Never pick your nose while eating. It is simply disgusting.

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