Online Sales Promotions and Advertising Methods

Sales Promotion and Advertising is one of the major activities of any Marketing Function in any business. Sales promotion and advertising is always drawn up based on the sales strategy combined with the nature and composition of the market.

Audio, visual, print media advertising besides sales promotional campaigns have been the normal set of activities that go with marketing.

When it comes to the E Marketing strategy, the need for online advertising remains the same as it is for the conventional sales. What is different from the traditional modes of sales promotion is that the methodology or the process adapted in the e world is different.

When you engage an SEO company to build a website for your, the developers take care to design the website, pages and the content, host, ensure it is listed as the top ranking page in any search and do all things necessary to get the traffic into website.

To be able to attract the target audience and to connect with them, you will need to engage in online promotional activities.

There are several types of online promotional activities that you can try out. One of the most popular ways of getting into online promotion is by using ‘Online Ad Banners’.

When you surf on the net what strikes you and attracts your attention is the online banner. There are many more promotional activities like Internet newsgroups, Email broadcasts, Social Media Networking, Internet mailing list, sponsorship of online chats, electronic press release distribution etc.

You can opt for free advertising as well as for paid advertising on the internet depending upon your choice of activity.

Advertising online using banners is one of the most popular methods. The banner space can be bought on the major search engines.

Online Advertising

Ad space can be bought on ‘Pay per Click’ method which makes it cost economical. Banners are also traded by many of the websites who exchange the banner space with other websites in their network. The banners would need to be catchy and attractive enough to make the customer to click and visit your Company website.

Blogs, News Groups and Mailing lists are also the favourite promotional activities adapted by the various brands. Blogs create a community of likeminded people and indirectly promote the products and services by building brand awareness and building a buzz around the products.

News groups and mailing lists involve posting messages about the chosen topics to the interested groups.

Using mailing lists you can reach out to your customers with customized messages and communication. You can broadcast your newsletters; keep your prospective customers informed of the sales promotions and online fliers too. New product announcements and offering new discounts and exclusive previews etc.

Several search providers build mailing directories and provide services of distributing promotional materials and emails for clients. Soft wares are also used to build mailing lists and directories of email addresses and interested users.

Most of the interest users are used to receiving ‘spam’ mails. For some it has become a hate word too. Spam is a method of sending mails to millions of people using electronic mailing list. This is purely unsolicited mails.

Such spam mails flood the inbox of users who find it a bother to go through unsolicited mails and happen to delete the mails without going through them. But then if the information is presented in a very interesting way and it manages to catch the attention of the users, the purpose of the mails will be successful. When compared to other modes of online promotions, this method turns out to be the most cost effective way.

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