Office Party Etiquette

Etiquette is all about behaving in a socially acceptable way.

An individual should behave in a certain way at the workplace to leave his mark. One needs to be little more mature and responsible at the workplace.

Etiquette refers to skill sets required by an individual to find a place in the society. No one likes to talk to a person who lacks etiquette.

An individual can’t afford to behave in the same way in office as he behaves at his home. There is a huge difference between one’s college and professional life.

Parties and get-togethers are an important feature in corporates where employees get to know each other better. Office parties also strengthen the bond among the employees.

Office Party Etiquette

Office Party Etiquette teaches an individual how to behave at office parties, dinners and get together. It is essential for an individual to behave sensibly at office parties.

  • Try to reach on time. Being late to parties might annoy your boss. Be present at the venue a little early and check whether all necessary arrangements have been made or not?

  • Be careful about what you wear. Party at the office does not mean one has the liberty to wear revealing clothes. Wear something which looks good on you. Avoid wearing heavy jewellery to office parties. Remember simplicity is the best way to create an everlasting impression. Do not wear skimpy dresses or something which shows much of your skin.

  • Do not bring your kid, spouse or any other family member at office parties unless invited by your superiors. You would be busy attending your family members only and eventually ignore others.

  • Maintain the decorum of the place. Remember your superiors are keeping an eye on you every moment. Don’t do anything which questions your education, family background and upbringing.

  • Office parties are a good way to win over your boss. Check whether he needs something or not? Whenever you get an opportunity, do tell him how good you have performed this month. This will help you later.

  • Introduce yourselves to others. Greet all with a smile and exchange pleasantries. Never make a face at any of your colleagues even if you do not like him. Office parties are a good way to know your fellow workers. Socialize with others, rather than standing at one corner.

  • Try not to include alcohol in the menu. Drinking excessively at office parties is foolish. One tends to indulge in unwanted activities after drinking which might cost him his job.

  • In buffets, wait for your turn in line. Do not push each other.

  • Do not load up your plate with food. Eat in moderate quantities. Do not start eating unless everyone sitting around you has received food. Eat slowly to avoid burping or farting in public. Once you have finished eating, keep the utensils at proper places.

  • Do not crack silly jokes or pass lewd comments.

  • Avoid vulgar dance moves at office parties.

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