Preventing Fall Outs in a Team

An individual alone can’t create wonders. He needs the support of others as well to discuss things and evaluate the pros and cons of his thoughts and concepts. Individuals should work together without fighting with each other for the timely accomplishment of a task. The team members must be focused and concentrate on their work rather than back biting or loitering around. It is essential that the team members gel with each other well and are willing to help each other.

Conflicts must be avoided within the team to strengthen the bond among the team members and also to increase the productivity of the team.

Let us find out how one can avoid conflicts and fall outs in the team

  • The team members must not interfere in each other’s work. Respect your colleague’s privacy. Don’t be after his life to find out what he is up to.

  • Never criticize anyone or make fun of your team members. If you do not agree to their view points, sit with them and try to come to a common solution. Don’t escalate the issue immediately to your superiors without discussing among yourselves.

  • The team members must trust each other. One spends the maximum time in office and can’t afford to have enemies around. Try to be a little secretive. If your fellow team member has shared something with you, don’t disclose it to others. Try to help him, if you can’t, its better to keep quiet. Never double cross your fellow team mates.

    Martin and Jack were working for a common team. Martin was not very happy with his boss’s behaviour and shared his displeasure with Jack. Jack walked up to his boss and revealed Martin’s secret. Till date; Jack and Martin do not speak to each other despite being in the same team.

  • Don’t read your team member’s emails or ever open his notepad or diary. It might contain some information which he does not want to share with others. It is a strict no no. If his hand phone is lying with you, don’t start reading his messages. If a colleague has asked to send an urgent mail on his behalf from his system, don’t start checking his previous mails or send any unwanted mail from his system.

  • Never spread baseless rumours about anyone in the team. Avoid loose talks in the office. It’s best to concentrate on work rather than gossiping around. If you spot any of your team members with his girlfriend or boyfriend at the market place, its better to keep it to yourself rather than screaming from the roof tops. He may not like it.

  • Don’t get too friendly with your team members. Avoid taking favours from anyone as he might expect you to share a secret with him. When you don’t, he would definitely get annoyed, fight with you and thus relationships suffer. One should not promote too much of friendship at the workplace. Try to be a little professional in your approach and keep your professional and personal life separate.

  • Avoid being partial to anyone. Do not favour anyone blindly. You may be fond of any of your team members, but do not support him if he has done something wrong, instead correct him. Don’t criticize the other person just because you don’t like him. Never give priority to your personal interests.

  • One should not tamper any data or information important for the team. Do not add or delete words but pass on the information as it is in the desired form. Everyone loves the appreciation from his boss, but it doesn’t mean you will tarnish your team member’s image in front of your boss just to gain popularity. Appreciation should be for good reasons. Never speak ill about anyone. It’s better to avoid things and not bother much.

  • Do not provoke your team members to fight among themselves. Counsel them and try to find out an alternative. The team members must motivate each other to perform their level best. Competition is important but make sure it is a healthy one and does not turn into a nasty fight. One must enjoy his work rather than taking it as a burden.

  • Think twice before you speak. Make sure your speech does not hurt any of your team members.

  • One should avoid fights within the team and it is always better to work as a family. Don’t create tensions and leave the office with a free mind and come back charged and fresh the next morning. Concentrate on work rather than conflicts as only your work will give you the desired recognition in the future.

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