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Public Relations - Introduction

The practice of maintaining a healthy relationship between organization and its public/employees/stakeholders/investors/partners is called public relations or PR.

Communication and Public Relations

Communication plays an essential role in effective public relations. Communication needs to have a strong influence on the target audience for them to remain loyal towards the organization.

Importance of Public Relations Experts

In todays cut throat competition it is very important for every organization to communicate well with its stake holders, partners and each and every individual associated with it. Lets discuss the importance of public relations experts in detail.

Public Relation Skills

Public Relations experts ought to possess various skills for a highly successful and rewarding career. Lets discuss these skills in detail.

Types of Public Relation Tools

Public relations activities are designed specially to create a strong brand image. Lets discuss the various ways in which public relations activities take place.

Models of Public Relations

Models of public relations were proposed by James E. Grunig. According to him there are four models of public Relations - Press Agentry Publicity model, Public Information Model, Two Way Asymmetrical Model and Two way Symmetrical Model.

Advertisements and Public Relations

Both advertisements and public relations help in promoting a brand among the potential customers. However a thin line of difference does exist between the two fields.

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