Qualities in a Professional for Better Relationship with Co Workers

An individual must share a warm relationship with his fellow workers to remain happy and satisfied at work. Don’t fight with your colleagues and spoil the decorum of the office. You need people around to talk to, discuss several issues, evaluate the pros and cons of your ideas and finally come to a solution which would be fruitful to you as well as others.

An individual must have certain qualities for a better relationship with his fellow workers:

  • One needs to be sensible enough to understand that every organization has a set of policies and it is mandatory for everyone to abide by the rules and regulations. One can’t go against the policies no matter whether he likes them or not. One can’t get all the comforts at his office just like home. You can’t be too fussy at work. If your organization is paying you; they would also expect work from you. At work you cannot always take leaves whenever you like. There would be times when you wish to be with your friends, but if your organization needs you, you have to be there at any cost. Excuses don’t work in such a scenario. Professional commitments are far more important than personal pleasures. Don’t give your management an opportunity to raise a finger against you.

  • Stay positive and motivated. Nothing works better than self motivation. Look for reasons to stay motivated. Remember happiness lies within you. Enter your office with a smiling face. Don’t work out of any compulsion. If your job is getting stagnant, it is always better to move on. Don’t stick to it and crib. One must understand that every organization would have some or the other problem, you can’t leave all of them. You need to adjust somewhere so why not in your present company? Be a little adjusting and try to be friendly with your team members. Don’t spread rumours or pull anyone into controversies.

  • Avoid pretending to be good in front of your boss. Such a habit might earn you a bad name in your team and your fellow workers might ignore you when you need them. Your work speaks and nothing apart from that really matters. Don’t try to play politics against anyone just for a promotion or mere appreciation from your boss. One should never manipulate truth and pass on the information as it is. Never backstab anyone. Honesty always pays in the long run.

  • An employee has to be a good communicator for an effective employee relationship. Be transparent in your communication. Never play with words with an intention to confuse others. If you do not agree to anyone, don’t simply say a yes. Sit with him and discuss in a way to convince the other party.

  • One needs to be firm on his statements. Don’t change your mind quite often. It leads to misunderstandings and confusions among others.

  • Be patient and never be rude to anyone. One should speak what is acceptable at the workplace. Don’t use foul words against anyone. Learn to keep a control on your tongue. Avoid being hyper at work. It is always better to ignore minor issues rather than fighting with others.

  • One needs to be disciplined at work. Follow your organization’s policies. Never be late to work. If your office timing is 9.30 AM, make sure you are there sharp at 9.28 AM. Work for yourself, not for others. Your boss cannot always sit on your head. If your superior is not there in the office, it does not mean you will roam here and there. Sit at your workstation, concentrate on your work and leave on time. Don’t unnecessarily irritate people. If you are not disciplined; no one would appreciate you.

  • One should respect his superiors as well as his colleagues. Relationships would never improve unless and until you respect others. Treat all as one.

  • One should give his team member his desired space. Respect each other’s privacy. Too much of interference in each other’s work is bad. Avoid staring at anyone’s computer screens or try overhearing anyone else’s conversation. Don’t open couriers or notepads not meant for you. It might contain something confidential and the other person may not like it.

  • One should always keep his superiors in the loop in every communication. If you are sending an email to an external party make sure a cc is marked to your boss and he is aware of the entire development. Any information meant for all team members should be downloaded to them in the correct way.

  • Avoid being jealous at work. If your colleague has done well, do appreciate him.

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