Reasons for Office/Workplace Politics

Politics arises when employees try to gain something which is beyond their control by tarnishing their colleague’s reputation. It has been observed that employees who are indulged in office politics pay less attention to their work. Individuals play politics at the workplace when they tend to misuse their power simply to come in the limelight and gain attention of the superiors as well as the management.

Nothing productive comes out of politics; instead it leads to criticism and negativity at the workplace.

Politics increases stress and also spoils the relationship amongst individuals.

Reasons for office Politics

  • People willing to come in the limelight without much effort depend on politics

    There are certain individuals who attend office just for the sake of it and do not believe in working hard. Such individuals have no other option than to depend on nasty politics. They try their level best to create a negative image of their fellow workers just to come in the good books of the management.

    Mike, Joe and Tim represented the branding team of a reputed organization. Mike and Joe gave their hundred percent at work while Tim believed in tarnishing their image in front of Jack - their superior. Jack had blind faith on Tim and trusted him completely. He never gave Mike and Joe their due credit and blamed them for every mistake. Tim on the other hand was promoted and appointed as the new team leader.

  • Personal Relationships

    Personal relationships amongst employees can sometimes also lead to politics. Politics arises when individuals go all out to support their friends, relatives or neighbours at the workplace. One should never mix business with personal life. Your team member might be your best friend, but at work he needs to be treated just like others. No special favours should be granted to him.

    Sandra always supported one of her team members -Maria as she was her child hood friend. Maria left no stone unturned in criticizing her team members. Sandra blindly supported Maria as they had spent their childhood together. They even came to work together.

  • Blame Games

    One should always have a control on his tongue at the workplace. Speak relevant and don’t always find fault in others. Listen to what the other person has to say. Everyone’s opinion is important. One should learn to own his responsibilities.

  • Lack of Trust

    It is essential to trust your colleagues. Your fellow worker might confide something in you, but that really does not mean you will walk up to your boss and disclose all his secrets. If you can’t help anyone, you have no rights to harm him even. One should remember that eventually it is trust and human relationships which help in the long run. Your colleague can even be your best friend. If one really has the potential, his efforts never go unnoticed. Remember there is no short cut to success.

  • Manipulations

    Manipulating information to mislead superior also leads to politics at the workplace. One should pass on information in its desired form.

  • Gossips

    Politics also arises when employees are indulged in unnecessary gossips. Leg pulling, criticism, backstabbing, hatred lead to politics. A jealous employee would never want his fellow workers to do well.

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