Importance of Relationship Building

The first and the foremost importance of a healthy relationship is that it leads to mental peace and also a positive ambience at the workplace. One tends to enjoy his/her work if he/she has people around whom he can trust.

Trust me; work would become a mere source of burden if you are asked to work in isolation. We are human beings and not machines who work constantly can for eight to nine hours. We need people around to talk to. One needs to have trustworthy people around with whom you can speak your heart out. It is rightly said that our colleagues are also a part of our extended family.

Your team members can also give you the right feedback and suggestion when required. Knowledge sharing is important if you really want to do well in your career. If you are sharing something with your team member, do not forget that you will also gain something or the other in return.

It is foolish to spoil relationships with people around you. Trust me, you gain nothing. Never fight with your superiors, team members or subordinates even if you have decided to leave the organization and move on in life. You never know when you might need the other person in the long run. Be cordial to everyone.

Unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings lead to stress. An individual would never be able to deliver his/her level best if she/he is under stress. Stress not only reduces your concentration but also affects your mental peace and health. Learn to be a bit diplomatic.

There is no point of being too emotional or sentimental at workplace. As a mature professional, one needs to keep a check on his/her emotions. Learn to ignore people you think are wrong. If you do not gel with someone, sit with him/her and try to mutually sort out your differences.

Healthy relationship leads to people from diverse backgrounds and varied expertise come together on a common platform, exchange ideas and reach to best possible solutions and strategies. Let people interact with each other and decide amongst themselves common employee policies and rules and regulations of the organizations. They will never create problems later on, if they themselves have a say in company’s decisions.

Building Relationship

If bosses have a healthy relationship with their subordinates, they would always listen to them and strive hard to perform even better. They would ensure their team’s performance is the best under all situations.

Healthy relationship among employees plays a crucial role at the times of crisis. Emergency situations are unpredictable and can arise anytime. Only those organizations survive in the long run where employees stand by each other even in the worst situations. It is necessary that people help each other for increased productivity and better output.

Healthy relationship among employees also goes a long way in inculcating a sense of pride and loyalty for the organization. People tend to enjoy their work and office. They seldom speak ill of their bosses and concentrate only in productive work. People are concerned only with quality work rather than wasting their time and energy in backstabbing and criticizing others.

Criticism and jealousy are certain negative traits which not only lead to unhealthy ambience at the workplace but also decrease the output of individuals. Do not always think of harming others.

As an employee, learn to work in teams, brainstorm ideas and also help each other during crisis. If you perform well, there are better chances of promotion and growth which would eventually not only benefit you but also your organization. Have friends around at the workplace. Trust me, you will not feel like taking many leaves unless and until there is an emergency. Healthy relationship at work also increases your interest in work and organization.

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