Role of Attitude in Conflict Management

Conflict arises when individuals strongly oppose each other’s opinions and views and are not willing to compromise with each other.

A conflict solves no problems; it just creates tensions, anxiety and earns you a bad name. No body appreciates you, if you are constantly engaged in fights. Conflicts must be controlled at the right time for a healthy and a peaceful environment.

Attitude plays a very important role in conflict management. Nothing can be achieved unless and until you believe in yourself and have a positive attitude. An individual must avoid finding faults in others. Always remember, if you are pointing towards someone else, four fingers are towards you as well. Don’t always assume that the other person is at fault.

Adopt a positive attitude towards work and life on the whole. Be a little more flexible and adjusting. No one has ever gained anything out of conflicts, it has all the adverse consequencies. Individuals tend to lose control on their emotions and overreact hurting the sentiments of the other person.

Don’t always be negative. According to the law of attraction, if you adopt a positive attitude, good things happen to you, whereas a negative attitude always attracts negative things.

Conflicts, fights spoil the environment and you feel restless and anxious always. You will not lose anything if you take the initiative to resolve the fight. This way you will earn respect and people will look up to you. Be the first one to say sorry. It will not make you small, instead will prevent you from unnecessary tensions. A simple sorry can actually solve major arguments and conflicts.

Make sure you enter your workplace with calm and a positive mind. If your mind is clouded with negative thoughts, everything will seem wrong. Nothing interests you and you would always be in a mood to fight with others.

Be a little more forgiving. It works. Forgiving has a healing effect on individuals. If the other person has done something wrong to you, don’t drag the issues, instead forgive him. Not everyone is blessed with the art of forgiving, it comes with time. Do not stick to any issue, move on.

If you are going through any bad relationship, stop cribbing and fighting, instead move on. Always look at the brighter side of life. There are much better things in life rather than quarrelling with everyone. You need people, and relationships are important in life. Whenever you feel like fighting with others, take a pause and think for a minute would this fight ever benefit you?

Positive Attitude

Positive attitude gives you the desired mental peace. Individuals with a negative attitude indulge themselves in spreading rumors, false stories and tend to influence others as well. One rotten apple spoils the other fresh apples as well. One negative mind is enough to trigger conflicts and create unrest. Never be unhappy; always find reasons to be happy. Sometimes things might not be in your favour, but that’s not the end of road. Don’t unnecessarily carry stress and create problems for yourself as well as others.

    Emma had a severe fight with her husband last night. She had a conflict with her team member Jackson the next morning at workplace for unknown reasons.

    Was Emma’s attitude correct? What did Emma gain out of the argument?

    It was Emma’s fowl mood which worked as a catalyst to the conflict. The argument simply increased her tensions as well as spoiled her relationship with Jackson.

Always remember after every dark night, there is a beautiful morning. Don’t ever loose hope. Do not fall a prey to people with a negative approach towards almost everything. They spoil the environment and try their level best to impose their negative ideas on others as well.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. An individual must develop a positive attitude to avoid disagreements, conflicts and lead a happy and a peaceful life.

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