Role of Communication in Increasing Work Efficiency

Communication plays an essential role in increasing efficiency of employees. Employees need to interact with each other more often to break the ice and feel comfortable at the workplace. Problems arise when information does not flow in its desired form. Effective communication facilitates free flow of information among employees and reduces misunderstandings and confusions. Effective communication ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Managers need to give correct download to their employees for them to deliver their level best. Employees need to understand what their superiors expect out of them. Employees should have the liberty to express their views and opinions, brainstorm ideas on a common platform to come up with unique solutions which eventually lead to an increased efficiency. Effective communication plays an essential role in motivating employees.

Managers need to interact with their team members on a regular basis for them to develop a sense of loyalty towards the organization. Make your team members feel important. Sit with them, give them correct feedbacks, guide them and help them deal with changes with a smile. Employees perform better when their grievances are addressed by their reporting managers.

Duplication of work decreases efficiency of employees. Team members need to communicate among themselves to find out what each one is up to? If you are working on a particular assignment, make sure your colleague is working on something else. Managers ought to interact with their subordinates to understand their expertise and interest levels. Delegation of work is one of the most crucial responsibilities of a team manager. Make sure work does not become a burden for your team members; else they would not stick around for a long time.

Remember, employees are human beings who need people around to talk to, share their happiness and discuss their problems as well. Gone are the days when superiors used to treat their team members as mere slaves. Do not stop your employees to speak to individuals representing other departments. There is no harm if one has friends at the workplace. After all, one spends the maximum part of his/her day at the office itself.

Individuals might not open up in front of their bosses but would definitely come up with their problems in front of their fellow workers. Let them gain from each other’s expertise and knowledge. Effective communication also reduces the stress levels and thus motivates employees to deliver their level best. Let them come up with their problems for you to help them find solutions.

As a manager, you need to know where all they are lacking and your guidance and assistance would help them perform better. Interaction is essential. Believe me, half of the problems evaporate when employees sit with each other and discuss issues on an open forum.

Employees should have the liberty to enter their boss’s cabin in case of queries. Only communicating through emails and messages is not enough to motivate an employee. Verbal communication is of utmost importance. Do not make your employees unnecessarily wait for your approvals. Call them, speak to them and immediately give them the go-ahead. Employees feel motivated this way and eventually yield better results and quality output.

Simple words like “Wow”, “Good Job Done”, “You can do it” go a long way in motivating the employees and increase their efficiency.

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