Role of Confidence and Attitude in Public Speaking

Confidence and attitude play an essential role in public speaking. One needs to be confident in front of his/her audience to create an everlasting impression. Remember, your audience would not take you seriously unless and until you believe in yourself. Nervousness only indicates either you are lying or not sure of what you intend to communicate.

What is confidence? What is the difference between being confident and over confident? You really do not have to overreact or use a fake accent just to show that you are confident. Trust me; by doing so, you would spoil the show. What is the need of copying others? Aren’t we capable enough to handle our audience? You really do not need to worry if you know you are correct.

Self confidence is crucial in public speaking. Confidence reflects in the way you carry yourself. Some people are good communicators but when it comes to addressing a large number of people, they lose confidence.

Problems such as stage fear, nervousness disappear when you have confidence in yourself. There must be something in you and that is the reason why your superiors have asked you to address a large audience. Self confidence comes only when you know the agenda well and the purpose of the presentation is clear.

Why do you think the people would believe you if you yourself are not sure of your content? Remember, convincing people is definitely not a cake walk. But yes, the situation becomes easier when you are confident enough to not only convince others but also make them listen to you with rapt attention and also act accordingly.

Public speaking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not every individual is comfortable standing in front of a large audience, making eye contact with them and delivering his content. Positive attitude plays an important role. Some people have the habit of cribbing on everything.

If your Boss walks up to you and asks you to address a group of say 50 employees, what would be your immediate reaction? Some people would definitely not like the idea and come up with several excuses to avoid the same. Where is the problem? Trust me, the problem is nowhere but in our attitude, the way we see things. Professionally it always helps to look at the brighter sides of things. Remember, cribbing leads to no solution.

Public Speaking

An individual who accepts challenges with a smile is the one who climbs the success ladder within the shortest possible time frame. Do not make an issue of every small thing. One needs to stay positive. It not only reduces stress but also helps you deliver your hundred percent.

The job of a public speaker is to ensure that his/her audience has understood what was discussed at the session. Positive attitude helps you concentrate and also stay calm. Keep a smile on your face.

Positive attitude plays an essential role in helping you connect with your audience. Even if someone asks you a silly question, why do you have to be rude with him? Never find faults in others. You need to understand that if an individual has invested his time or probably money in attending your session, he /she has full rights to clear all doubts and go back home happy and satisfied.

People with a negative attitude generally find it difficult to adjust with fellow workers. Learn to accept your mistakes. Do not feel bad if someone points out your mistake. Instead make sure you do not repeat them in future. Positive attitude helps you deal with criticism and face critics.

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