Role of Employees in Avoiding Politics

Employees indulge in politics to save their job and gain attention without working hard at the workplace. Individuals strive hard to win appreciation of the superiors by tarnishing the image of their fellow workers.

It is the organization which suffers; if the employees are engaged in politics. Politics never benefits anyone in the long run, instead affects the performance of individuals.

Employees play a crucial role in avoiding politics at the workplace.

Let us go through some tips to avoid politics and promote a healthy environment at the workplace:

  • Employees must enter office with a positive state of mind.
  • Leave your ego at the doorstep.
  • Avoid being jealous at the workplace.
  • Don’t unnecessarily find faults or criticize fellow workers.
  • Avoid backbiting and making fun of others.
  • Don’t try to spoil your colleague’s image in front of superiors or management.
  • If someone has confided in you, never ever disclose his secrets in front of others.
  • Don’t open anyone’s documents, files and notepads.
  • Do not check your fellow worker’s emails.
  • One should not overhear anyone else’s conversation.
  • It is essential to concentrate on own work, rather than interfering in other’s business.
  • Employees do not play politics when they are engaged in productive work. The management must ensure that the employees are enjoying their work and do not get time to indulge in nasty politics.
  • Never spread rumours about anyone at the workplace.
  • Try your level best to stay out of controversies.
  • Avoid playing blame games at workplace. Learn to own your mistakes.
  • An individual must pass on information in its desired form.
  • Avoid data manipulation.
  • Don’t believe things unless and until you receive a confirmation.
  • Discuss things with individuals face to face and try to sort out issues on an open platform.
  • Don’t try to overshadow the efforts of your fellow workers.
  • One should not get influenced easily.
  • Avoid taking sides at the workplace. Too much of friendship leads to unnecessary personal favours at the work place.
  • Communicate through emails or written modes of communication. Mark a bcc to your superior to keep him in the loop as well.
  • Promote open communication at the workplace.
  • The team leader must interact with his subordinates on an open forum. Don’t discuss things with individuals separately.
  • Delegate responsibilities as per the interest and educational qualifications of individuals. Employees play politics whenever there is a job mismatch.
  • Transparency must be maintained at all levels to avoid dirty politics.
  • Incentive plans and schemes should be discussed with the employees beforehand.
  • Celebrate important festivals at the workplace to bring the employees closer to each other.
  • Assign fixed lunch timings for employees. Let them discuss things amongst themselves apart from work at the lunch hour. Such activities strengthen the bond amongst the employees.
  • Don’t always treat your fellow workers as mere colleagues. Even they can be your friends and help you at the hours of crisis.
  • Don’t bring your personal rivalries to work. Keep your personal and professional life separate.
  • Learn to trust your fellow workers.
  • Never play with words.
  • Avoid double standards at the workplace.
  • Respect each other’s privacy.

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