Role of Management in Avoiding Politics

Employees indulge in politics to make their position secure at the workplace and spoil the reputation of their fellow workers. Individuals play politics for instant fame, recognition and to achieve something beyond their control in a short span of time.

An organization is at loss when its employees play dirty politics. Individuals find it extremely difficult to concentrate on their work in a politically driven organization.

Management plays an important role in avoiding politics at the workplace:

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The management must delegate responsibilities as per interests, specialization and educational qualification of the individuals. Job mismatch leads to politics at the workplace.
  • When an individual gains nothing out of his job, he tries his level best to harm his fellow workers as well. Employees make sure that their colleagues also do not achieve their targets within the stipulated time frame and receive strong criticism from their superiors.
  • Employees indulge in all sorts of non productive tasks when they have nothing innovative to do.


  • Management must have good control on its employees.
  • The management must ensure that each and every employee adheres to the set guidelines and follows the predefined rules. No employee should be given special benefits. Policies should be same for everyone.
  • Well defined hierarchies reduce the chances of politics at the workplace.


  • Transparency must be maintained at all levels.
  • The management must respect the employees to expect the same from them.
  • Every employee should be aware of the goals and objectives of the organization. Issues should be addressed on an open platform for all to get a common picture.
  • Problems should not be discussed in closed cabins. In such situations individuals do not know what is being discussed with the other member and eventually develop a feeling of hatred and jealousy against him.

Regular Interactions

  • The management must regularly interact with the employees to find out their grievances. The issues must be sorted out immediately to expect loyalty from the employees towards the organization.
  • The concept of morning meetings must be encouraged and even the management should be a part of it. Don’t make it too formal. Let the employees speak, discuss all their problems and work with a calm mind.

Avoid Partiality

  • Avoid being partial to anyone. The management must not blindly support any employee. Unnecessary favoritism leads to politics at the workplace.
  • The management must not jump to any conclusions unless and until there is a concrete proof. Don’t give anyone a low rating just because one of his fellow workers has said something negative against him. Find out the exact reason.

Team Building Activities

  • A good and a healthy relationship amongst the employees reduce the chances of politics at the workplace. The management must promote team building activities to strengthen the bond amongst the employees.
  • Celebrate important festivals at the workplace.
  • Once in a while take the employees out for picnics or get togethers. Informal meetings bring the employees closer to each other.

Set an Example

  • The management should set an example for all.
  • The management must take strict action against employees involved in politics. Subordinates should not get any wrong message.

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