Role of Motivation in Employee Behaviour

Every organization expects its employees to behave sensibly, adhere to the rules and regulations and follow the codes of conduct. There has to be some ethics at workplace, where every individual is morally responsible for his/her own behaviour. Do not attend office just to receive your monthly paycheck. Yes, money is a strong motivating factor but moral values, discipline, ethics are equally important. After all, we all are answerable to ourselves. Aren’t we? How can we accept our pay check when we ourselves are not sure of our contribution to the organization? Please be honest to your organization and most importantly yourself.

Remember, the way you behave at the workplace speaks volumes of your character, upbringing and family background.Gossipping, stealing, spreading baseless rumors, fighting over petty issues do not help in the long run.

Motivation plays an important role in employee behaviour.

Managers ought to motivate their team members to behave as a mature professional. Encourage your subordinates to set an example for others. Make them understand how behaving well would help them make a mark of their own and stand apart from the crowd. They need to realize themselves the importance of behaving well at workplace.

Sit with your team members and know if at all they are facing any sorts of problems or need any assistance and guidance. Trust me, they feel cared for. Acknowledge their hard work and appreciate them whenever they perform something extraordinary. A pat on their back and simple words like “Wow”, “Well Done”, “Good job done” go a long way in motivating employees and influencing their behaviour. Appreciate them in front of others.

Also put their names on notice boards for others to see as well. Reward them suitably. This way, employees not only develop a sense of attachment towards their organization but also motivate others to behave as per standards for a healthy work culture.

Why do you always have to tell them to behave well? Such things ought to come from within. Employees tend to behave irrationally either when they are not satisfied with their organization or there is a job mismatch.

Jobs need to be assigned as per employee’s educational qualification, specialization, expertise and interest levels. Make sure individuals are aware of their duties and what is expected of them?

Small initiatives like “Employee of the month”, “Star of the week”, “Best Performer” not only motivate employees to deliver their level best but also encourage them to behave well at the workplace. Trust them, give them additional responsibilities and let them take some decisions on their own. Be logical. Do not expect them to attend office on their birthdays.

Encourage them to wind up work on time, call it a day and spend quality time with friends and family. Try to know them on a personal level as well. Make them feel comfortable at workplace if you really expect them to stick around for a long time. Afterall, one spends the maximum part of his/her day at workplace.

Employees tend to steal whenever they are under any financial crisis. Make sure they get their salaries on time. Individuals should have the liberty to walk up to their manager’s cabin in case of queries.

Monitor their performance and give them correct feedbacks. Do not ignore their problems. Let them feel important and indispensable resources for the organization.

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