Role of Organization in Self Improvement of Employees

Self improvement refers to a process where an individual continuously tries to upgrade his/her knowledge and hone his/her existing skills not only to survive the fierce competition but also grow both professionally as well as personally. Individuals need to move with time and keep abreast of all the latest developments in their respective fields.

Organization plays an essential role in motivating its employees to continuously improve themselves.

The first and the foremost role of organization is to make employees realize the importance of self improvement. Unless and until they realize the same on their own, no amount of pressure on them would help.

You need to make your employees realize how improving themselves continuously would help them accept bigger challenges in life and also lead from the front. Mere sending an email and expecting all your employees to attend training programs or seminars willingly is foolishness.

Management needs to understand that there is no need of organizing seminars or training programs just for the sake of it. What is the point of arranging self improvement programs if employees do not benefit out of the same?

Superiors need to sit with their employees and make them realize as to how continuously improving themselves would not only make them capable of bagging prestigious projects but also reach the pinnacle of success.

Make your employees self dependent. Why do they always have to depend on their Bosses to learn new things? Motivate them to go through various relevant sites which would expose them to new technologies and softwares. In today’s scenario, internet is indeed one’s best friend. You just don’t have to go anywhere in a situation where information is just a click away.

Create a healthy environment at workplace where employees motivate each other to constantly upgrade their knowledge. Encourage your employees to share their experiences and knowledge with each other.

Make your employees realize that knowledge is something which can never be stolen. Their knowledge would always be with them but if it is shared, it would definitely grow with time. Motivate your employees to benefit from each other’s expertise and knowledge. If someone does not know something, ask him to get in touch with his fellow workers who in turn can guide him further. Nothing is better if employees discuss amongst themselves and constantly improve themselves.

Promote employees who constantly upgrade their knowledge. An individual must see some benefit of self improvement in his respective organization. Remember, if an individual is investing his/her time in learning new things, he/she must get its benefit.

    Tom was a marketing executive with Organization A. He was associated with the same for last two years. He lacked the ability to lead a team and thus could not be a team leader. One fine day, he realized his shortcoming and decided to work towards it.

    He read various articles on team building, leadership, surfed various relevant websites and even sat with his Boss for an hour every day to imbibe his style of working. Within six months, Tom not only got his own team but also got a huge hike in his salary for achieving targets within the desired time frame.

Employees who have the urge to improve themselves must be given their due credit. Promote them accordingly and do give them special treatments. Make them feel special and also realize that it is only their dedication to constantly upgrade their knowledge which has eventually helped them to do well and carve a niche of their own.

Review your employees on a regular basis. You need to know where all your employees are lacking and also guide them accordingly to constantly upgrade their knowledge.

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