Search Engines and SE Marketing

Internet is not something that is alien technology anymore. Every home and every individual has adapted to using internet for various purposes. It has become a habit for everyone to use the internet to search for all kinds of information. Searching happens to be the main feature or the tool with which one gets across the internet.

If you are a marketing manager or a business manager, when millions of individuals are using the internet and searching for products and information etc, you have got to be able to identify and reach out to those who are looking for the products and services that you are offering and get across to them.

If the users are using Search Engines to look for information, it is necessary that you should know all about how Search Engines work and function to be able to build a relevant strategy to reach out to the prospective Customers.

You might be familiar with the often used Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL etc. When you type in the keywords for the information that you are searching for, the Search Engine uses the keyword as the criteria to search through the web pages and all directories as well as databases and lists the websites by choosing the relevance of information as per the keyword.

Search Engines use crawlers or spiders which go through the contents of web pages, index them as per the relevance and within seconds publish the list of websites for you to choose from.

If you look at this process from the point of a marketing person you will realise that you need to build a advertising strategy whereby you are positioning your web pages in a manner that the Search Engine is able to easily pick your website and show it up right within the first few top ranking links in the list.

The webmaster is the expert who will help you build the web page with the right kind of Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, the Web master researches to find out the Most Frequently researched words relevant to your product on the Search Engines and helps design the web page content and design using these key words as well as links.

The search process and algorithm used by the Search Engines carry vary from one SE to another from time to time.

The Web Master keep a track of the evolving designs and build their web pages| alter the contents accordingly to suit the SEO. This design strategy is a part of Search Engine Marketing Strategy. By increasing the relevance of the web pages, you can increase the traffic into your website.

Web Masters also employ several other methods of link farming, reverse linking etc to divert traffic into your website. The concept here may be considered to be similar to that of cold calling or prospecting. With the increase in number of visitors to your website or to paid advertisement, you can hope to convert a percentage of prospective visitors as customers.

Apart from Search Engine Optimization, effective content and online advertising plays a major part in getting the attention of the prospective customer.

Unlike the print and other visual media, the cost of online advertising works out to be way cheaper and effective too. The art of prospecting a customer, pre selling and converting a prospect to a sale is different from the conventional method.

Understanding of the medium, understanding of the customer’s buying behaviour and the other dynamics of internet sales has to be understood thoroughly to be able to design an effective E-Marketing Plan for your business| product.

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