Signage - Meaning and its Role in Retail Industry

What is a Signage?

Any visual representation which gives information to the customers about a store, any office, building, street, park and so on is called a signage.

Signage helps the customers to easily reach their desired destination or locate a building by simply following the instructions displayed on it.

Role of Signage in Retail Industry

  1. A customer can easily locate the store with the help of a signage.

  2. Signboard gives all necessary information about the store. The customer can easily come to know about the products kept at the store without actually bothering anyone. Visual Displays put inside the retail store can actually help the customers to easily locate the merchandise.

  3. It is the signboard which actually attracts the customers into the store. The signage should be interesting enough to pull the customers into the store as a retailer can’t afford to lose even a single customer.

  4. The signboard should not be too small. End-users might miss a small signage and hence the whole idea of attracting the customers into the store gets nullified.

  5. The signboards are an effective medium of communication between the retailer and the customer.

  6. The signboard gives the store its unique identity and helps in furthering its brand image.

  7. A signage goes a long way in influencing the customer’s buying decision. A single glance at the signboard helps the customer to decide whether he has to step into the store or not?

Important points to keep in mind while installing Signage

  • The signage should never block the entrance of the store. It should not hide the interiors of the store.

  • Install the signage at a place which can be easily viewed by all even from a distance.

  • The signboard must display all the necessary information like the name of the store, its logo or any other required information.

  • Don’t put too much information on the signboard. Let the customers walk into the store and find out on their own what the store is offering.

  • A single word “Discount” written on the signboard outside the store can do the trick. The customer would be inquisitive enough to find out what the store offers. He would definitely step into the store to check out the various options. There is actually no need to mention how much discount, what percentage and so on.

  • The material and the fabric used for the signboard should be of premium quality so that it lasts for a longer duration. The retailer must make sure the signboard does not lose its lustre.

  • Choose the right paint for the signage. Make sure the information is clearly visible to all. The customers should be able to easily read the signboard even from a distance. Choose a light background colour and a dark text colour for clear visibility. One can also highlight the important information. Don’t pick any colour which might make your signboard look dull.

  • The name of the store should be written in bold or in a different font to create the desired impact.

  • Design your signboard in the most unique and innovative way for the customers to get attracted into the store.

  • The signboard should not mislead or confuse the customers.

  • Keep the signboard simple but informative.

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